Quick Review: HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet in Water Buffalo

Not long ago, we featured the HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet (on top of their Camera Leash and Money Maker Strap.) And then a problem happened: I lost my wallet. Like an absolute idiot coming home with a bit too much Jameson in me, I could not find it. Thankfully, the owner of the company was kind enough to replace it though I gave him a couple of recommendations on it.

The second wallet that came was the HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet in Water Buffalo: the only leather that the company imports as all others are American made.

The Indispensible Wallet still serves its main function despite the totally different looks. It still holds memory cards with ease (both CF and SD) though I’d taken to embracing its beautiful good looks and therefore instead using it as a money wallet. In fact, it gets all the looks of my friends and co-workers.

The leather is all stitched together by hand and it can hold quite a bit of stuff in there. Not only are there two pockets in the front for memory cards, but there is also storage inside for anything as large as money, business cards, etc.

All of this is protected by a leather flap. Though I absolutely love the minimalistic design of the wallet, one of the critiques I made to Matt (owner of the company) was that I would’ve appreciated a button/buckle to secure the wallet (though that would take away from the slimness) and also a chain of some sort to attach to a carbiner.

Matt assures me that the prototype of the wallet I asked for is being made. But the wallet here isn’t that wallet. Indeed, there is much more of an emphasis on stylish good looks. And in fact, I carry it with me everywhere and am supremely more careful as to not lose it. In fact, it is so thin that you may not even notice it.

The back of the wallet not only features Holdfast’s branding in a still fairly subtle way, but can also hold cards or money. At most, I can stuff maybe around 14 business cards in there before I start to see the leather stretch out a bit.

But in the end, the design of the wallet helps to ensure that the user puts an emphasis on minimalism and only takes what they need. It can fit into a jacket pocket from Uniqlo, Zara, Banana Republic, H&M, J Crew, Urban Outfitters or others with ease. If not, you can always stuff it into your pocket as long as you always hang onto it.

I really do not recommend putting the wallet in a camera bag, that is how mine slipped out.

Also be careful to ensure that the wallet will stay secure. If you put it in the same pocket as you keep your cell phone, your phone may accidentally slip the wallet out without you knowing.

In the end, just exercise caution with this otherwise gorgeous piece of artwork.

The wallets are available for $55 on Holdfast’s website, and I can really give it nothing more than my absolute best of recommendations and give you my absolute precautions to be careful with it.