Hands On: HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet

I’m a photographer that values both functionality and beauty. Those two can sometimes mix very well together in the photography world. In the case of the newly announced HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet, you’ll get an item that is both functional as a wallet for your CF, SD, and business cards while still being quite beautiful. Admittedly though, it leans a bit more towards the beautiful side than functional.


As you see in the lead image, this little wallet is beautiful. The version above is the Kodiak Oil-Tanned leather edition. If you’re like me, you like leather things: such as the Olympus Pen Premium Case and the ONA Union Street Messenger Bag.

In terms of texture, it feels unlike any other leather I’ve touched. I really, really don’t believe I’m typing this, but as I touch it, I get a feeling almost synonymous to running my fingers along a girl’s skin during the summer. Except being leather, this is naturally colder. It’s very hard to describe and really has to be felt in person.

The wallet is flexible and even smells like real leather that you probably dug out of your father’s closet.

Open the wallet up and you’ll reveal more slots and also take notice of the stitching holding the leather together.

The slots can hold both CF and SD cards. In the back is a nice spot for business cards as well.

Even the back of this little wallet has a slot too. The slot is big enough to hold even more business cards or an SD or CF card. That also means that it can probably hold money and also stash away credit cards if you need it to.


If you’re a photographer that likes to keep his/her gear very minimal; then this is a wallet for you. If you need even more functionality, Think Tank makes some excellent options that even include velcro that holds the package closed and holds much more (click our banner on the right to take a look at some of them.)

That wallet wasn’t designed with swagger in mind. This one though, surely was.

As a New Yorker often attending all sorts of events, networking with other professionals at parties, and even going out (I just turned 25) I could really use something like this. If you have a more conservative and relaxed lifestyle, you won’t exactly be going for this.

The American Bison version of this wallet costs $65.00 while the Kodiak Oil-Tanned version costs $45.00. They can currently be purchased on HoldFast’s website.

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