Hands On: HoldFast Gear Camera Leash Designer Wrist Strap

HoldFast Gear not only sent me the Indispensible Wallet to caress fondle play with, but also their Camera Leash: a fully leather wrist strap for DSLRs. As I’ve stated many times through various posts, I much prefer to wrap my camera strap around my wrist. The reason why is because it keeps my camera at the ready and because it feels more natural as the camera almost becomes a part of me during the shooting experience.

With all that said, I’ve become very smitten with the strap.

The Camera Leash is actually fairly long in length and easily adjustable around your wrist no matter how large or small it may be. I have smaller wrists; and in practice when it wraps around, there is quite a bit of leash left over for the camera to walk around, per se. However, the camera is usually being held by the according hand and when I let go, it doesn’t really hurt any bit. But for convenience reasons, it wouldn’t hurt (pun intended) to put some extra padding around the inner area for additional comfort.

Whomever designed the strap put a lot of time, effort and love into the creation process. It’s really quite beautiful yet very simple.

The top of the strap is adorned with this one beautiful star that reminds me a bit of the wild west: and therefore a time when things were made by hand and usually very well until factories and interchangeable parts started to become the mainstay.

Complimenting the star is the bent ring to help with the adjustment around your wrist.

The interior is soft leather while the exterior is smooth.

The other end is all business. Here is where the clamp goes around a tripod ring for your DSLR. This clamp spins around to let your DSLR turn with ease if needed. Ensuring that all this stays attached to the strap is another finely placed and very strong button.

Attaching it to the ring that goes in your tripod socket (not included) is quite simple. The clamp comes apart in a weird and interesting way that doesn’t really make sense unless you really use it. In practice, you’ll notice that this clamp is perhaps one of the best designs I’ve seen in straps in quite a while.

The two pieces of the clamp come together very easily providing that they have a good grip on the tripod ring. Indeed, it’ll be tough getting this off afterward so you’ll have no issue with your camera falling off at all.

The only issue you may have is comfort: in which you may need the extra padding I stated about earlier.

Once it’s on though, you’ll be ready to shoot. It’s a nice item for taking photo walks, street photography, or just anyone that prefers wrist straps. I grew to prefer them when I was a wedding and event photographer because going from one camera to the next wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when straps are all around your body. To ensure both safety and quick access, wrist straps became my mainstay and I developed a method to elegantly wrap the strap around my wrist.

The Camera Leash takes that elegance and transforms it into some tough and highly portable manliness that will take up lots less room in your camera bag. For the vintage and designer buffs, you’ll also appreciate the fine styling it offers.

You can read all about the leash at HoldFast’s website.

Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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