Please Welcome News Editor Felix Esser

Editor in Chief’s Intro

Felix is a guy that doesn’t give up; and as an Editor in Chief of a website that I grew from its infancy, Felix has always been a motivational figure in one way or another to me. I’m 25; and while still quite tenacious, aggressive, and blooming with perseverance, Felix, in my eyes, represents hope and openness. I told myself this year that I’m going to take The Phoblographer to a brand new height of greatness and I’ve even gone so far as to set year long goals for myself. One of those was bringing on a news editor.

What do I mean by all this? Well, Felix has actually applied to work for the site many times. And I told him many times that we couldn’t work with him but I also told him that I’d keep his application on hand. Then CES came around, and I chose to totally opt out of reporting on it. That was a huge mistake for the site and I accept full responsibility for it.

But Felix has come in as News Editor and has done an absolutely terrific job so far. In fact, he got us a mention in Pop Photo!

I’ve e-known Felix for a while though. Back when this site was still an infant, his website used to give us some of our best traffic. And I used to sit there looking at my WordPress stats saying, “Wow, I impressed some guy all the way in Germany? How the hell did I do that?”

As time went on, The Phoblographer grew. And I owe much of it to the traffic that Felix’s blog used to bring in.

Now, Felix is part of us. And to be very honest with you, I feel that the current staff has been built into a very great family that works well together, jokes around via emails, and is completely open and honest with one another.

With all of this said, I’d like you all to please welcome the newest member of the family: Felix Esser.

And now for Felix’s Bio

Felix is a massive gearhead and enthusiastic about all kinds of tech-geekery. He loves to share his passion for photography and photographic gear with others, which is why he enjoys writing about new stuff so much. In his main career, he is a doctoral student in historical linguistics — writing thus comes to him as second nature. During his few spare time between attending to his family, working on his thesis and writing for The Phoblographer, he uses Micro Four Thirds and Leica M digital cameras as well as film-based SLRs and rangefinder cameras with a number of different lenses.

Felix runs a small blog dedicated to photography, his pictures can be seen on his flickr account. You can also follow him on Facebook, where he regularly links to interesting articles from all over the web.

You can support Felix by using his links to B&H Photo when buying stuff.