Review: Holdfast Gear Camera Leash 2 (Wrist Strap)

The Holdfast Gear Camera Leash 2 adds more versatility to the burly wrist strap.

If you were to look at the Holdfast Gear Camera Leash 2, you wouldn’t necessarily notice the upgrades. It’s only when you take a closer look that you’ll see how apparent they are. One of the company’s first products was the Camera Leash: a wrist strap with a bit of flair, sturdiness, and a major deviation from many of the other strap manufacturers out when they were introduced years ago. Some said the straps were vain. Others like myself saw them as an alternative to not looking like I was owned by one particular camera brand. They are a very subtle way to stand out from the crowd. And the Holdfast Gear Camera Leash 2 does that still, but at this point is much more familiar to photography audiences across the world. It’s again made of very durable leather, and been improved to be soft to the touch on the interior. The way it connects to the other Holdfast accessories has been vastly improved.

Holdfast’s products have evolved over the years from products with subtle stylishness to a more brash boldness. And as I too have grown older (I’m now 30 – when I started Phoblographer I was 22) my tastes have also changed. I find myself going after more canvas, leather, cashmere and wool products. With that said, I feel like Holdfast was ahead of what I’ve been looking for and I’ve grown an appreciation for their products.

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Holdfast Gear Products Are Finally Available at B&H Photo

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer HoldFast Gear Indispensible Wallet (2 of 3)

Holdfast Gear is a brand that we believe in here on The Phoblographer ever since we started working with them. And today, their products are finally being carried at B&H Photo.

Wondering who they are? Well, you should check out our reviews of the Indispensible Wallet, Camera Leash, Ruckstrap, Photo Belt, Luggage Tag Wallet and the Money Maker. To this day, I still always use the Indispensible Wallet, Photo Belt, and Camera Leash.

Contest: Tell Us How You Fell in Love With Photography; Three Chances to Win a Camera Strap from HoldFast Gear

We’re partnering with HoldFast Gear, the creators of the Camera Leash, Money Maker and Indispensible Wallet for a contest you’ll all be mesmerized with.

There will be three winners:

1st Place: Ruckstrap in Red Canvas (pictured in the middle)

2nd Place: Camera Leash in American Bison (right)

3rd Place: Money Maker in American Bison (left)

So how do you enter: All you have to do is head on over to their Facebook Page and leave a comment on their wall telling us about the moment you knew you fell in love with photography. While you’re there, we also recommend that you Like their page;

You’re limited to one entry per person and only those in the United States can enter.

Not familiar with HoldFast Gear? You may want to check out what everyone has been saying about them. Hell, maybe you can ask them nicely to be featured on their blog.

Contest Start April 15th 2012 at 6:30PM EST and ends April 21st 11:59PM EST. The winners will be announced on HoldFast Gear’s Facebook page on April 24th. Winners will have 24 hours to contact them or else another name will be drawn.

Good luck!

Hands On: HoldFast Gear Camera Leash Designer Wrist Strap

HoldFast Gear not only sent me the Indispensible Wallet to caress fondle play with, but also their Camera Leash: a fully leather wrist strap for DSLRs. As I’ve stated many times through various posts, I much prefer to wrap my camera strap around my wrist. The reason why is because it keeps my camera at the ready and because it feels more natural as the camera almost becomes a part of me during the shooting experience.

With all that said, I’ve become very smitten with the strap.

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