Cool Hack: Polaroid + Kodak Lens + Sugru = One Suped Up Polaroid Camera

Hacks are awesome: especially in the photography community. Lens hacks are even awesomer, like what I did for my Canon 5D Mk II. That’s why this hack appeals not only to the Polaroid lover in me but also the hacker. Filmwaster forum member Ludoo sugru’d  an old Angenieux 100/f4.5 off a broken Kodak 620 Special 6×9 and attached it to the front of his Polaroid Land camera. The results are an example of the photo to the right.

Doing this isn’t easy though; Ludoo still has to calibrate the rangefinder to work with the lens: and that’s easier said than done. There will be lots of trial and error going on there. Still, it would be awesome to see just where this goes.

Via the Filmwasters Forum