Photographer Zeb Andrews Caught a Beautiful, Rare Moment in Nature

“…I have learned to not dwell on the images I may or may not be making and instead just enjoy the process of making them,” explains photographer Zeb Andrews. He adds, “it is a lot of fun.” For most folks, Zeb doesn’t need an introduction. We’ve featured him on our site a few times. The Bruce Wayne persona of Zeb is one of the folks in charge of Blue Moon camera: undeniably one of the best vintage and analog photography stores. I speak with him weekly for our Rare Camera Store initiative. And when the night hits, Zeb dons a metaphorical photo vest and ventures out to make exciting photos. Below are just some of them.

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Is It Better Than the Profoto B10? Elinchrom One Review

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Elinchrom has been very quiet over the past few years. But today, the company is announcing its new Elinchrom One lights. They’ve been doing some reorganization, and that’s apparent with their new CEO. Simon Whittle is around 30 years old, and he’s worked with the company for many years. It’s nice to see a millennial at the head of a company, and that’s why I’ve got some new-found hope for Elinchrom. When you think of Elinchrom, you’re most likely thinking of the Ranger series of battery packs and lights. But, they’re doing something new, and these lights are totally different. Better yet, it’s not a rip-off of some Chinese-made product. 

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7 Digital Cameras That Had the Most Beautiful Shutter Sounds

These cameras whispered sweet sounds into your ear when you shot with them.

The past two decades of photography showed photographers constantly asking for quieter shutters. It went hand-in-hand with the requests of wedding photographers, street photographers, and photojournalists. And like those shutters, the voices of some echoed really loudly throughout the internet. Then manufacturers developed the silent shutter. Photographers who needed it used it, but some of us miss the romance of the beautiful shutter. Digital photography lacks the sensory stimulation of film. You can’t smell the sensor, and the sounds are that of a soulless machine. But these cameras had beautiful shutter sounds. Hopefully, camera manufacturers will bring that back.

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An Ode to the Camera That Forever Changed Imaging

The Canon 5D Mk II completely changed the photo industry. 

I can remember when the Canon 5D Mk II was announced. To this day, it’s still one of the most iconic and important cameras of my career. A few other cameras shot video before it, but none did it like the Canon 5D Mk II. And more importantly, none got an important firmware update to make them even more usable. When the Canon 5D Mk II launched, it was a high-resolution camera with great high ISO output. It also happened to shoot cinematic quality video. These days, we’d be shocked if a camera didn’t do that. What this camera did completely changed the way imaging was perceived.

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I Miss the Canon 5D Mk II: An Ode to Canon’s Most Perfect DSLR

The Canon 5D Mk II was a pretty perfect DSLR that changed the entire industry.

Her name was Dahlia–and she was my Canon 5D Mk II that I adored in so many ways. This is the camera that I really, truly forged my career with as an Editor in Chief and camera tester. It served its need and purpose for a long time and I ultimately miss this camera. Despite how much grief I’ve given Canon over the years, the Canon 5D Mk II is something that will always stand out to me as something that they did right. There were complaints about it based on how the industry was evolving, but the camera was still a fantastic one in the hands of a photographer that knew how to work with its quirks.

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9 Cameras That Changed the Photo Industry In the Past 10 Years

Camera technology continues to move forward every day, and when you look at how far we’ve come in a span of 10 years, you’ll see just how fast things have progressed. It’s indeed pretty remarkable. Photographers who have spent their careers shooting mostly film didn’t see such rapid advancement even though technology was surely moving ahead then too in the name of capitalism and competition. When digital photography came about though, things changed. As companies started to develop newer processors, engines, and sensors, they all started to create products with shorter life spans.

But in the past 10 years, 9 cameras have truly made their mark on the industry.

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Informal High ISO RAW File Image Comparison: Canon 5D Mk II vs Sony A99 vs Sony RX-1

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 5d mk II Sony A99 and RX1 comparison post (1 of 1)ISO 200

Back in September, Sony flew myself and other journalists out to test their latest products out in real world settings. A while back, I gave everyone a very informal image comparison between the Sony A99, 5D Mk II, and RX-1. The problem was though that back then the RX-1’s raw files weren’t supported in Adobe Lightroom 4. And now, they are.

Here is that test redone for your viewing pleasure.


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Cheap Photo: Three Crazy Deals Found on eBay (5D Mk II for $2000)

As always, hunting around to find great deals online can be tough. But today, I uncovered a couple of really sweet steals on eBay.

Canon 5D Mk II (Body Only): Starting a $2,000 (Normally well over $2,199)

Canon T3i: Starting at $655 (normally $849.00) See our review

Nikon D5100: Starting at $565 (normally $846.95) See our review

Don’t know which one to get, see our D5100 vs T3i comparison.

Cool Hack: Polaroid + Kodak Lens + Sugru = One Suped Up Polaroid Camera

Hacks are awesome: especially in the photography community. Lens hacks are even awesomer, like what I did for my Canon 5D Mk II. That’s why this hack appeals not only to the Polaroid lover in me but also the hacker. Filmwaster forum member Ludoo sugru’d  an old Angenieux 100/f4.5 off a broken Kodak 620 Special 6×9 and attached it to the front of his Polaroid Land camera. The results are an example of the photo to the right.

Doing this isn’t easy though; Ludoo still has to calibrate the rangefinder to work with the lens: and that’s easier said than done. There will be lots of trial and error going on there. Still, it would be awesome to see just where this goes.

Via the Filmwasters Forum

(UPDATED) Which One is Which? Sony NEX 5N vs Canon 5D Mk II

Recently at a concert in Brooklyn, I took the Sony NEX 5n and 50mm f1.8 along for a ride. Since I needed my 5D Mk II and 85mm f1.8 that day as well, they just happened to be on me at the time. During the concert, I got curious about their performance against one another and shot the following two photos. Can you discern which is which?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photo 1 is from the Sony NEX 5n and Photo 2 is from the Canon 5D Mk II. The hints: Canon renders warmer images out of the box plus it did indeed misfocus in such low lighting conditions. The center focusing point is its strongest one. The NEX 5n nailed it in low light. Part of it also has to do with the focal lengths.

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Quick High ISO Test: Nikon D5100 vs Canon 7D vs Canon 5D Mk II

One of the reasons why I purchased a Nikon D5100 is because of the affordability combined with the amazing image quality that can come from the sensor. Upon editing RAW files that I shot the other night, I looked closely and discovered something interesting: the files aren’t as easy to edit as my Canon DSLR files. When I say edit, I mean balance details with getting rid of extra noise due to the high ISO output. So I decided to look the cameras up on DXO Mark. To my surprise, the scores came out the way they did above. Knowing that the site is sometimes not correct, I decided to do a non-scientific test the cameras out for myself.

Editor’s Note: I know that this is a test of a 1.5x sensor vs 1.6x sensor and full frame sensor, but why not? People ask these questions all the time and you’re probably sitting there wondering the same thing yourself. If anything, this is a test of how far the technology has come.

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Battle of the High End Portrait Lenses: Canon 85mm f1.2 L vs Sigma 85mm f1.4 EX

Sigma 85mm f1.4 at f1.4 1/640th iso 125

Previously we did a quick test with the Sigma 85mm f1.4 EX and the Canon 85mm f1.2 L. Before that, we compared the Sigma lens against the more affordable option in Canon’s lineup, the 85mm f1.8. Eventually, I was able to bring the two lenses out into Central Park for a quick portrait session with Kathy. The results? You may be surprised.

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Can You Figure This Out? Sigma 85mm f1.4 vs Canon 85mm f1.8 Lens Comparison

Photo A

Photo B

One of these images was shot with the Canon 85mm f1.8 and the other one was shot with the Sigma 85mm f1.4. Both were shot on the Canon 5D Mk II and only had profile corrections applied. Can you tell which image is from which lens? Let us know in the comments below!

Full comparison review is coming tomorrow. The EXIF Data for each image has been left in tact, but no peeking! Click each image to view them at full size.

High ISO Noise Test: Olympus EP2 vs Canon 5D Mk II vs Leica M9-P

With the Leica M9P(or M-9P and M9P) around for a little while, I decided to put it up against my trust Canon 5D Mk IIand the Olympus EP2(or E-P2 and EP-2)  to see how the high ISO noise levels are. Granted, all three of these are different cameras: one is an EVIL camera, one is a DSLR and the other is a rangefinder. They are all used in different ways, but one of the complaints that many people state on street photography, photojournalism, and wedding forums is that the 5D Mk II is the only one with good enough high ISO capabilities.

Well, is it? Take a look at our non-scientific test and judge for yourself.

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How to Shoot Street Photography with a DSLR

It’s no secret, I love small cameras for street photography. The Fuji X100 retaught me how to do it and the Olympus EP3 is perhaps a game changer in nailing the right shot. Before this, though, I used DSLRs: my Canon 7DDigital SLRs)and Canon 5D Mk IIDigital SLRs)to be exact. And when the smaller cameras had been sent back after the review was over, I needed something with better image quality. So I returned to my DSLR. But how exactly do you deal with something so large and so beastly? Here are a couple of tips.

Note: the majority of the images in this story were also shot with the Canon T3i which we found to be very good. Check out our full review and if you’re not sure if the camera is for you, take a look at this posting.

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A Photo from the Canon 5D Mk III?

Upon browsing through the Editor’s Choice area of, I noticed this image. When you upload an image to the service, it automatically puts the EXIF Data in for you. However, it can be changed if you go in and edit the information. Apparently, Christopher Boffoli may have a Canon 5D Mk III. Christopher may have mistakenly put that in. If he did, then too bad. But if it really is an image from the 5D Mk III camera (that has yet to be announced), fanboys all around will be ecstatic.

He has comments on the image already asking about the Mk III but not replying at all. That just peaks my curiosity even more. What do you think? Could it be real? Why would he not correct it and prevent angry Canon fans from potentially ripping him apart?

Update: he has removed the camera information!!!!!!

High ISO Test: Olympus EP3 vs Canon 5D Mk II vs 7D

According to DXoMark, the Fuji X100 has an amazing sensor and it has been rated to be better than the Canon 5D Mk II and the 7D (correction: the 5D Mk II is still rated to be better). With the announcement of the Olympus EP3, I decided to put the camera against the two DSLRs myself. So how does the new internally developed sensor do against the mainstream giants?

Disclaimer: Yes, we know the sensor are different sizes. Yes, we know that you’ll go over to other sites to look for this information anyway. Yes, we are trying to answer the question for you.

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Keeping My Distance: Shooting Justin Long On a Movie Set

Justin Long on the Streets of NYC

So I’ve blogged before about Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Gerard Butler. With Going The Distance coming into theaters later on this week, it is time that Justin Long and my encounter with him be shared. In general, my experience has been that male celebrities couldn’t care less about being photographed. As you’ll read, Justin doesn’t exactly like having a 5D Mk IIpointed at him.

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