Canon’s New 600 EX Looks Very Nikon-Like; ST-E3 RT Radio Transmitter Outed

Canon and Nikon have forever been at each others throats when it comes to flash systems. In general, Nikon has been known and accepted as having a better system. However, I’ve always thought that Canon’s is very good itself. So when they outed the new 600 EX, I thought to myself: whoa, this looks just like a Nikon flash. The 600 EX (600 EX RT) replaces the Canon 580 EX II as the new flagship flash for Canon’s lineup. Indeed, it looks much different than anything they’ve released before.

Quick analysis is after the jump.

Unlike the Canon 320 EX, the new 600 EX doesn’t have a constant LED light on the front for video (which for photography, could double as a modeling light.) Instead there is just the infrared sensor and a port above said sensor.

When you look at the back though; you’ll see a whole new flash. The LCD now glows green; which is synonymous to Nikon. Previously, it was orange.

Many buttons have now been changed and the overall design and layout is different now too.

Canon 580 EX II

Now here is the skinny on the new 600 EX (borrowed from Photography Bay)

Speedlite 600EX-RT Key Features

  • New wireless multiple flash system using radio wave communication
  • Zoom flash head covers wide range of 20-200mm; Max. Guide No. 197 ft./60m at ISO 100
  • Redesigned contact construction, improved flash head durability, and exceptional dust and weather resistance
  • 18 Custom and 3 Personal Functions for creative flexibility

Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT Key Features

  • Newly designed wireless system uses 2-way radio wave communication for enhanced communication among master and slave units
  • Achieves a transmission distance of up to 98.4 ft. / 30m, all at a 360 degree angle
  • Up to 5 groups, or 15 individual flashes can be controlled via 1 transmitter
  • Supports E-TTL II flash, manual flash, stroboscopic and external flash metering

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