Canon Speedlite Diffuser Made from 3D Printing; Doesn’t Look Like Something from Gary Fong

3D printed diffuser canon

DIY projects are all over the Interwebs, waiting for people to discover them and join in on the fun. Eric Chu’s project at MAKE is one of them. After seeing his photo intern constantly tape a piece of paper to his flash for a light bounce, instead of heading on over to Amazon or the local camera store to buy a diffuser, decided that he’d design and make his own using Autodesk Inventor and a MakerBot 3D printer. The good news is that it’s been over a month now and it’s still working.

After measuring out the Canon 580 EX II flash and modeling out the diffuser, Eric began production. He created two different versions, a normal rectangular diffuser and a triangular version for better light diffusion. Both of them were made from a biodegradable plastic, making them both creative and eco-friendly! Eric was nice enough to provide the files and instructions on how to make your own diffuser on his blog post if you also happen to have a 3D printer laying around at home.

The Canon Photographer’s Guide To Upgrading Your Equipment – Part III: Flashes and Lights

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Polaroid PL160D first impressions product photos (1 of 12)ISO 200

Flashes and lighting are one the biggest and most critical parts of upgrading your camera system in order to expand your creativity. Once you start using them, it’s simple to get hooked. One of the biggest arguments against using a flash was that high ISO results are just so good now. The problem with that statement is that a flash will still give you the light where you need it; therefore adding creativity to your image. If there is no light to begin with, why raise the ISO level?

As a Canon system owner for years who now just concentrates on lenses and flashes, I can tell you from experience how to upgrade.

Be sure to check out Part 1 (Lenses) and Part 2 (Bodies).

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Canon’s New 600 EX Looks Very Nikon-Like; ST-E3 RT Radio Transmitter Outed

Canon and Nikon have forever been at each others throats when it comes to flash systems. In general, Nikon has been known and accepted as having a better system. However, I’ve always thought that Canon’s is very good itself. So when they outed the new 600 EX, I thought to myself: whoa, this looks just like a Nikon flash. The 600 EX (600 EX RT) replaces the Canon 580 EX II as the new flagship flash for Canon’s lineup. Indeed, it looks much different than anything they’ve released before.

Quick analysis is after the jump.

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Review: RoundFlash Ring Flash Light Attachment

As far as Speedlite Ring Flash lighting modifiers go, my favorite for a while has been the ExpoImaging Ray Flash (overtaking the Orbis, DIY, and the GoPro.) However, when the RoundFlash, was announced, I immediately needed to try it out for myself. Promising to turn your hot shoe flash into a larger (and therefore softer) lightsource that is also collapsible, what’s not to like, right?

Marketing is one thing: actual trials and real life use is another.

Editor’s note: Product photos are from the company’s Flickr page.

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Field Review: ExpoImaging Ray Flash (Day 3- More Fun Portraits)

By far, I’m going to have to say that the ExpoImaging Ray Flash has my vote as the best Ring Flash attachment to use. The other day, my friend Steph and I got together and had some fun photoshoot time in her room as she helped me finish the testing of the Ray Flash. A while ago, I used it on former Premium Compact Specialist Will Greenwald. Hit the jump to see how this shoot went.

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Review: The Chris Gampat Beauty Dish Hack for your Speedlite

I’ve grown smitten with Beauty Dishes as of late. For those of you that don’t know, a Beauty Dish is a light modifier that takes light firing into the back of the dish, reflects it against a plate, and then reflects it against a white dish to spread the light out evenly. When I tested out the Strobros, I knew that I had to have more. So with some inspiration from Todd Owyoung and DIYPhotography‘s Editor Udi Tirosh’s book previously reviewed here, I set out to use existing items to make a Beauty Dish work with my Canon speedlite on the cheap.

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Review: Impact Strobros Beauty Dish

The Impact Strobros Beauty Dish is a bit of a weird item, but it’s still very useful for what it does. Primarily used in portraiture, beauty dishes mimic the look of a softbox. What’s special about them though is that it is easier to change the color temperature of the light: which is easily done by switching out the disk in the middle of the dish. With that said, it isn’t an item for everyone and this review was actually a very big learning experience.
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An Introduction To Canon’s Wireless Flash System

Wireless flash control is perhaps one of the biggest upgrades that your photography can take as it allows you to control the light nearly anywhere you so choose to go. There are photographers out there that oftentimes say that they choose not to use flash at all because it disturbs their subjects. While this can be true, the argument can be made that you’d much rather get a good photo of them—in which wireless flash can help tremendously. When used correctly, it will also not tamper with the wonderful colors that your camera’s sensor is capable of capturing. You shouldn’t be afraid to learn how to light, so here’s a bit of a walkthrough.

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PocketWizard Rebate on MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radios for Canon

The video above is perhaps one of the weirdest PR video ever. Everyone knows that no one in the world sounds like the teacher from Charlie Browne.

If you’re into great lighting and you’re a Canon shooter, there is a $25 rebate on the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. For those of you not familiar with PocketWizard products, you actually need to buy both units. One goes on the camera and the other goes on the flash. The units make the flash think that it is on the camera. It’s best to leave the flash in E-TTL mode in this case but it gives you light essentially wherever you need it.

Mini TT1: B&H or Amazon

Flex TT5: B&H or Amazon

If you need flashes, I recommend the 430EX IIand the 580EX II. And if you’re a fan of diffusers, you’ll want to check out this posting. To learn more about wireless flash usage, check this out.