The Canon Photographer’s Guide To Upgrading Your Equipment – Part III: Flashes and Lights

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Polaroid PL160D first impressions product photos (1 of 12)ISO 200

Flashes and lighting are one the biggest and most critical parts of upgrading your camera system in order to expand your creativity. Once you start using them, it’s simple to get hooked. One of the biggest arguments against using a flash was that high ISO results are just so good now. The problem with that statement is that a flash will still give you the light where you need it; therefore adding creativity to your image. If there is no light to begin with, why raise the ISO level?

As a Canon system owner for years who now just concentrates on lenses and flashes, I can tell you from experience how to upgrade.

Be sure to check out Part 1 (Lenses) and Part 2 (Bodies).

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Canon’s New 600 EX Looks Very Nikon-Like; ST-E3 RT Radio Transmitter Outed

Canon and Nikon have forever been at each others throats when it comes to flash systems. In general, Nikon has been known and accepted as having a better system. However, I’ve always thought that Canon’s is very good itself. So when they outed the new 600 EX, I thought to myself: whoa, this looks just like a Nikon flash. The 600 EX (600 EX RT) replaces the Canon 580 EX II as the new flagship flash for Canon’s lineup. Indeed, it looks much different than anything they’ve released before.

Quick analysis is after the jump.

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