Reasons Why The Sony NEX-C3 May Be Really Awesome

It isn’t official (yet) but some very convincing photos and specs published by Sony Alpha Rumors have lead me to believe that the Sony NEX-C3 may indeed be real. I’ve reviewed the Sony NEX-5 and admitted that the image quality was great but that the interface and ergonomics weren’t the best. These same feelings stayed true to the NEX-VG10, despite the fact that I once again agreed that it has great image quality. But here are some reasons why the NEX-C3 may be really awesome if it is indeed real.

Even Better Image Quality

Rumor is that the sensor in the camera is the same as the Sony A580 that we reviewed. The image quality from that camera is amongst the highest of any digital SLR out there on the market at the moment of publishing this story. My personal wish is that it could take flashes like the F43-AM so that we can achieve even better image quality. As it is, there are no hot shoes or ports that all you to even use studio strobes: except for their own little flashes. Once again, Sony confuses me as to why they are doing this.

Rumors have been saying that it may have the NEX-5’s sensor though, if so then I believe that Sony may not be pushing the innovation hard enough.

The NEX-3’s Form Factor was Better and This One Seems Good Too

The problem with the Sony NEX-5 was that the protruding grip made the camera a bit awkward to hold. In contrast, the NEX-3’s grip was small and it felt more like the point-and-shoots it was trying to emulate. Because of this, they can actually hold the camera more like a point-and-shoot vs using the tilting LCD screen to shoot from the hip: which the NEX-5 is much more suited for.

If you’re still trying to understand this, think of the Canon S95 vs the G12. The latter has a flip-out LCD screen and the former doesn’t, so it’s better to be held in front of your face with your arms outstretched a bit.

My hope is that Sony comes out with an electronic viewfinder to use with these cameras.

A Smaller Camera For Landscape Photographers?

Hobbyist landscape photographers often complain about using and bringing too much gear. However, a small camera like this with an improved dynamic range and color depth could very well be the thing that landscape photographers may want. I could see some peculiar sort of landscape photographer with this thing, an external monitor, and some adapted four-digit SLR lens perched atop a tripod. Perhaps Sony may encourage using these cameras with some of the monitors they’ve been creating as of late?

Consumers That Shoot in Auto Will Eat This Up

Once again, it looks like Sony has gone for the minimalist technique when designing this camera. The menus will perhaps be extremely long again, but if you’re shooting in the Auto modes, then you probably won’t care because you won’t have to dig through the change your settings. All you’ll be doing is shooting photos, video, and then using the playback function.

It could be a great camera for the technophobe in your life.

What are your thoughts on all this? Let us know in the comments below.

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