Could Sony be Introducing the World’s First Sub-$1000 Full-Frame Camera Soon?

Sony NEX-5-like full-frame E-mount camera patent

With the advent of the Sony A7 and A7R, the world of digital 35mm full-frame cameras was stirred up pretty significantly. For the first time, there was a sub-$2000 option for a full-frame camera that could not only sport all kinds of DSLR lenses, but Leica M-mount lenses and loads of legacy glass as well. Now it seems that Sony is preparing its next big hit – the first sub-$1000 full-frame digital camera.

Since the A7-series is based on the company’s mirrorless E-mount which was introduced with the NEX-series of cameras, prospective Sony full-frame cameras can theoretically take any shape – even that of the minute original NEX-5. And that’s exactly what Sony Alpha Rumors reports we might be seeing in the near future: a small, mirrorless full-frame camera not much larger than a point-and-shoot, thanks to the lack of an integrated viewfinder. And all that for less than $1000.

An anonymous source hinted at a possible photokina 2014 release, but of course this is to be taken with more than just a single grain of salt. Still, it’s definitely possible that we’re going to see an even smaller full-frame E-mount camera – an A5 perhaps? – as Sony patented just such a camera back in 2013. What do you think of it – would you buy a full-frame mirrorless camera without an integrated viewfinder? Afterall, the first APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras all came without EVFs.

The Complete Sony A55 Review

Sadly, my time with the A55 has come to an end. So what are my overall thoughts on the camera? I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by this innovative little camera. It’s fast, easy to use and it produces excellent photos and video. Instead of rambling on and repeating the previous days’ posts, I’ve made a list of my likes and dislikes. Please keep in mind that some of these may be a bit subjective, the following are simply my thoughts after using the camera for several days.

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Reasons Why The Sony NEX-C3 May Be Really Awesome

It isn’t official (yet) but some very convincing photos and specs published by Sony Alpha Rumors have lead me to believe that the Sony NEX-C3 may indeed be real. I’ve reviewed the Sony NEX-5 and admitted that the image quality was great but that the interface and ergonomics weren’t the best. These same feelings stayed true to the NEX-VG10, despite the fact that I once again agreed that it has great image quality. But here are some reasons why the NEX-C3 may be really awesome if it is indeed real.

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7 Reasons Why I Want to Throw The Sony NEX-VG10 Out the Window

Readers of this site have asked for more HDSLR reviews: and so the first one that popped into my mind was the Sony NEX-VG10 and I’m currently working on a review. As another addition to the Sony NEX line of cameras, it’s a powerful camera in a small package: and it makes me want to scream at times. Like the Sony NEX-5 that I reviewed previously, I feel like it is best left in the auto modes and never touched otherwise. But that is only one of my frustrations with the camera. Here’s a list of the seven reasons why I want to throw this camera out the window and the few reasons why I won’t.

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The Complete Sony NEX 5 Review

The Sony NEX 5has been a rather odd camera to review in many ways. However, the pure image quality that comes from the sensor is just fascinating for something in the mirrorless interchangeable lens compact market. It hands down wins awards for best image quality over the G2, GF-1, and Olympus EP-2. Granted, it isn’t the holy grail of the segment.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 5)

The Sony NEX 5has an ISO range from 100-12,800. Most photos in the previous postings have been shot at ISO 1600 and below and so the higher ISOs had to be tested. How did the new NEX 5 sensor perform? As a note, this posting has been written after the release of Lightroom 3.2 and so everything was shot in RAW.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 4)

After some exploring and digging around on the CD provided with the Sony NEX 5, installation on my Macbook was finally successful. At the time of writing this posting, the camera still does not work with Lightroom 3. Editor’s note: it works in 3.2. Once again, this posting was written before 3.2 and is being kept this way to show what I went through to try to edit the photos. Because of this, I am able to show off loads of photos taken and provide commentary on top of talking about the workflow.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 2)

At the time of writing this posting, despite it performing very admirably, there have been technical problems with the Sony NEX 5. Because of said problems, this posting will talk about the sweep panorama feature and the image quality delivered from the camera using this feature. Once again, the RAW files cannot be processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3and the provided program did not work on my Macbook laptop at the time of writing this piece. Editor’s note: once again making a note that Lightroom 3.2 can process the files and that this review is being written as it happened in chronological order for accuracy. On my PC, the program works, but it is quite cumbersome and slow to use. In a couple of days, all images recorded from the camera will be shot in JPEG unless otherwise stated.

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Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 1)

As the biggest current threat to Micro Four Thirds according to reviewers, and with a company like Sony with lots of resources to back the new system, the flagship Sony NEX 5 camera is one that I’ve been finding so far to be more reasonable than intuitive. It has quickly become my companion camera with me leaving my 7D and 5D Mk II at home in favor of its smaller size and terrific image quality. However, it has its flaws that I feel can perhaps cripple the budding system with so much potential. Please note that this will be a duel field review. I, Chris Gampat, will be testing the camera out myself on many occasions as will Copy Editor Julius Motal. Julius is currently a Minolta film shooter and his sister owns a Sony a230. His family has been with that system for years.

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