Three Hints On How Canon Will Try to Kill The Sony A55

Earlier last year, I tried the Sony A55pellicle mirror camera—and I liked it! Everyone in the industry touted it as cutting edge and breakthrough technology. On a different note, there were also lots of consumers saying that they were going to wait and see what Canon and Nikon were going to come out with (as they say with mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.) Well, I’ve uncovered information hinting towards a Canon version a while back, but kept very quiet about it because I wanted to see the new technology that may be coming out: and I have seen good things. Here is how Canon will try to kill the Sony A55.

They Have The Technology

Even if Steve Jobs told me that the A55 was revolutionary technology, I wouldn’t believe him. Why? In 1989, Canon produced the EOS RT: the first autofocus camera to feature a pellicle mirror. Now before I continue, let me explain that a pellicle mirror doesn’t move up and down the way that a traditional DSLR camera’s does.

A pellicle mirror stays in one place. The RT had a fixed semi-transparent mirror which transmitted 2/3 of the light towards the viewfinder and 1/3 towards the film. Therefore were no mirror vibrations whatsoever, as with the A55. This actually overcompensates the light loss on sensor level thus improving handholdibility since you’re going to have to possibly shoot at a slower shutter speed or a higher ISO.

There is also no mirror black out in between taking shots. This is great for portraits in order to see if a subject’s eye blinked when taking the shot (without chimping) and for the stealthy wedding ninja photographer. Plus, you can still use all of the EOS lenses: which is a major plus.

They Have Made Hints of Moving Towards A Low Megapixel, High ISO, Extended Dynamic Range Sensor

I’ve got a strong feeling that we’ll see some of this technology come out at CES 2011 this year and perhaps even a bit afterwards. We just need to pay attention.

It’s About Time That The Rebel Takes a Major Step Forward

Where better to put this technology first than in the Rebel line of cameras? Perhaps a full-frame version (Canon 5D RT?) If Canon does indeed decide to embrace their past (which they have done with the entire DSLR line thus far) then we may see this camera targeted towards consumers first and perhaps pros and enthusiasts later on.

Canon Rebels are already all over the streets of NYC in the hands of everyone and their mother. This is only a logical step.

What do you think? Do you think that it’s not possible at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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