Last Minute Gifts for Photographers

Need something inexpensive, useful and good for a photographer, or are you looking for an idea to tell family and friends? Check these out, and you procrastinators can also look at our holiday gift guide.

  • A rocket blower: Use everywhere on your camera, even for cleaning sensors if you’re careful. Cheaper to run than canned air.

  • Gorillapod: These aren’t just good for cameras, they are awesome for remote flash.

This B&H Gorillapod kit makes it useful for flashes and cameras.

  • Grey cards. OK, they look pretty boring, but are often the difference between the perfect exposure and one that’s not.
  • More memory. You can’t have too many memory cards. Not possible.
  • An extra battery.
  • Rechargeable batteries for your flash.
  • A remote flash lead. Get that camera off the hot shoe.
  • A polarizing filter. Darken blue skies, reduce reflections, even act as a ND filter in a pinch.
  • ND filters. Useful for stills, almost essential for DSLR video. Go for the variable if you can afford it.

Variable ND filters are almost essential for DSLR shooting, but are great for stills too.

  • Close up lenses: Screw in like filters, allow experiments in macro. A lot cheaper than a macro lens.

Get in quick to have it before Christmas!