A Holiday Buyer’s Guide to Camera Bags

Every camera needs a good bag. This holiday guide will be broken into three categories: The Messengers, The Backpacks, and The Pouch. Here’s the guide for the bag on your list.

The Messengers

Domke F2

Domke F2: The F2 is a rugged, weatherproof shoulder bag for the photographer with a generous amount of gear. In Chris Gampat’s review of the Domke F2, he was able to fit the Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 7D, 85mm F1.8, 50mm F1.8, 24-105mm F4 L IS, 80-200mm F2.8 L Canon 430 EX II, Rode Videomic, Gary Fong Lightsphere, some memory cards, and USB cables. There’s probably enough room for an iPad or a ferret with all of that stuff already in there. The F2 is secure with enough padding and velcro to keep your gear enclosed.

M Classics Compact

M Classics: The M Classics Compact reviewed by Chris Gampat is a stylish choice for the photographer looking to travel light. This handmade bag by creator Seth Levine was designed for the photographer who doesn’t need a huge kit. The website says that the Compact is “designed for fast, photojournalistic, Leica-style photography. The bag can hold a body, assorted prime lenses or a smaller telephoto lens. Unfortunately, beer-can style zooms won’t find a place in the M Classics bag, but that’s no matter. It allows quick and easy access to your gear while you’re out and about on the town. Head on over to the M Classics website and pick up a bag today.

The Backpack

Tamrac Evolution 8

Tamrac Evolution 8: Tamrac’s offering is a beast. The Phoblographer’s Gevon Servo reviewed it last month. With enough space for a laptop, body with grip, multiple lenses, and assorted photographic accessories, the Evolution 8 is a solid choice for the all-terrain photographer. It doubles as both a sling-pack and a full-on backpack. The Evolution 8 provides access to your equipment on both sides and the front depending on how you wear it. This isn’t necessarily the bag for a leisurely stroll in the park, but it has its uses. If you know a photographer who is constantly on the move, be sure to pick up the Tamrac Evolution 8.

BJX Camera Bag

BJX Camera Bag: BJX’s offering provides room for a body and a large lenses or small prime lenses and some photographic accessories. In his review, Chris Gampat declared it an alternative to his Domke F2. The bag is weatherproofed to keep the moisture out, so sweat, rain, and various other liquids need not apply. It’s a solid choice for photographers who prefer a sling-pack to full on backpacks or messenger bags. Check out BJX’s website if you plan on shooting light.

The Pouch

Black Rapid SnapR

Black Rapid SnapR: Even the little guys deserve some attention. Black Rapid is known for its array of camera straps, and the SnapR is one of its latest offerings. The SnapR can hold up to a Micro Four-Thirds camera with a small prime lens attached. The SnapR functions much in the same way its predecessors in the R-series of straps do. With pockets on the side and back for memory cards and whatever else you want to put in there, the SnapR is a strong choice this holiday season for anyone with the smallest of cameras.

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