Four Canvas Camera Bags For the Serious Photographer


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Messenger bag review product images lifestyle (8 of 8)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 2.8

Camera bags are even more numerous than cameras and lenses–and each one has its own specific target. Everyone has the camera bag that is just right for them. They can be tough to find, and some of them can be expensive because of heavy use of leather. The more affordable but stylish alternative is canvas. Canvas is also incredibly reliable and will last for many, many years.

If you’re looking for a low profile camera bag made in canvas, here are four that you’ll really enjoy.

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10 Investments That Made a Difference in My Photography


I have spent a lot of money on photography. Some of it was well spent, while in others it’s been a complete waste. It’s been easy to make an investment in something, thinking that it was going to better my photography. It’s only been on the long view that I see what has really made the difference. Here are some things that I found were actually money well-spent.

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Review: Domke Chronicle Camera Bag

Domke Chronicle gservo-00345-20140607

There are camera bags, and then there are camera bags with heritage and tradition. The Domke Chronicle Camera Bag falls under the latter. The Chronicle is the descendant of the Domke F-2 and has quite a lot to live up to. It is part of the updated journalist series of shoulder bags from the company which have been newly designed to have a more modern feel and look. I’ve used a lot of camera bags in my time, but this is my first Domke Bag. These bags are known for their long life and durability, and so I wondered how it would measure up against my daily routines. I move around a lot in a lot of different ways at times, and so I’ve grown accustomed to a particular type of camera bag. Continue reading…

Tiffen Shows Off More of the Same With Slight Updates at CES

Tiffen CES 2013 Domke New Generation Bags

At CES in Las Vegas, Tiffen is showing a bunch of new products, ranging from backpacks to tripods. In short, these are the company’s latest offerings: a new series of Domke bags and new Davis & Sanford tripods, Genustech camera accessories, and finally portable teleporters from Listec that can be attached to a smartphone or tablet. Details after the break. Continue reading…

Photo Plus 2012 Ultimate Roundup

As you probably figured out by now, The Phoblographer team has been working around the clock for the past couple days to get you guys the juicy details from this year’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. To make your day a little easier, we’ve got a complete roundup of the entire event right here for your viewing pleasure. Head on past the break to see everything that went down this weekend!


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First Impressions: Domke’s Bag Refresh at Photo Plus 2012

For most of us who know about Domke bags. Little has changed in 30 years for its designs. They were created because a man had  a problem to solve and in solving that very problem he get’s into the camera bag business. That’s how Jim Domke came to be. His bags served a purpose as a standard for photo journalists. But, with time these bags needed a certain something to be in today’s market. That something was a little style. Thanks to the sharp eye of Tiffen’s Creative Director, Patty Nast Canton–this is the result.

We were able to see the prototypes of the Journalist, Adventurer, Visionary and the Metropolitan bags.

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Not Too Much-Not Too Little = Just Right: The Think Tank Retrospective 30

Like most photographers, I have enough bags to make any Vogue reading 20 something jealous, but I have yet to find a bag that truly fit my needs. Too big, too small, too padded, not padded enough, looks too much like a camera bag, ugly. The list of things that i can find fault with is long. Until I received my Think Tank Retrospective 30. When it comes to products, gadgets, and toys related to photography, I am generally very quick to find fault. Not today.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest posting from Joseph W Carey

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