Landscape Photography Gift Guide 2010

For the new landscape photographer who already has a good camera body and lenses, this holiday season is a great time to help them further their endeavors. With a few gifts that will make things more fun, you can help them improve the quality of their landscape camera work. These gifts are things they may not have thought of. From tripods to levels, many tools out there make great gifts for landscape photographers


First, every landscape photographer needs a good tripod—the steadier the shot, the better. You want a tripod to have good weight to it, and be steady in windy situations. A good tripod can last forever. So do not be too cheap with it. If you are cheap, another tripod may have to be bought later. I am partial to Manfrotto tripod legs but there is also Gitzo, Giottos, and other companies to choose from. If you want something a little smaller, there are Gorillapods, which are portable and will grip onto anything. Sometimes you need help to keep things horizontal, bubble levels are an easy gift for that.

Multipurpose bag

Landscape photographers need good multipurpose bags when they are trying to capture images outside. There are many good companies from which to choose. I personally use a Crumpler customary barge and Tamrac Evolution 8 (reviewed here) the most. Lowepro makes a good variety of bags to choose from as well as ThinkTank. A landscape photographer needs to carry a lot, especially on those shots that are far from civilization and support.

Camera Strap

A good comfortable camera strap can make a great gift. Something comfortable and useful can really help a landscape photographer. Companies like Black Rapid and Cotton Carrier (reviews coming) make for unique gifts that can be useful to the photographer on the go. Tamrac also makes decent and comfortable straps that can get a photographer through the day. Chris uses Sun Sniper.

Rain kit

Out in in a forest, reservation, or national park, sometimes the weather can go wrong. Rain can really ruin a landscape photographer’s day, but if that photographer has the right elements, he can stay out there and shoot. A large umbrella can be very useful if you know the weather can go wrong. A heavy-duty poncho, rain pants, and black rubber boots can all be useful also. However, a real useful gift for the landscape photographer can be something like the OP/TECH USA 18″ Rain sleeve or the Aqua Tech SS-Sport Rain Cover

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