Canon 1Ds Mk IV Leaked, Retails For $7,637.99 US, 32MP Sensor

Here it is for you in plain sight. The retailer, Progear is selling it for $11,199.00 New Zealand dollars. Convert it to US and it goes for $7,637.99. The camera will have 32MP and will most likely be a full frame sensor as the 1Ds series usually is. Other features I’m betting it will have is some phenomenal HD video, faster frame rates, Dual DIGIC 4 (or even DIGIC 5) processors and there are bound to be loads of other stops Canon is going to pull out.

Edit: The camera is now getting into medium format territory. The Hasselblad H3dII 31 shoots at 31MP. More on this here.

Chris Gampat

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