Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 Product Images Leak Ahead of CP+

Japanese camera and lens manufacturers are getting geared up for their annual CP+ show in Japan later in February; and apparently we’re getting a new Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lens. This is always a big time of year for announcements and by extension, leaks of upcoming products. New image leaks reported over on Nikon Rumors, seem to indicate the existence of a new 70-200mm on the way from Tamron. Continue reading…

The Leica M10 Leaks Online; Reported to Come Later this Year

Leica has been reported to be working on a new M camera for some time now, and if these recent leaks (which seem to be pretty cut and dry) are legit, then it appears that upcoming M will be called the M10. This will be a pretty big change overall in Leica’s history as they’ve never had an M camera with two numbers in the name overall.

So far the rumors are not specific about that the internals will be, other than that they expect it to carry the same 24MP sensor as the Leica SL. That would also mean a similar ISO range of up to 50,000 ISO. Considering its predecessor’s (The Leica M) design, it’s also bound to have video upgrades and weather sealing of some sort.

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Adobe Lightroom 6 Allegedly Leaks Online


Today begins Photoshop Week, celebrating 25 years of the product being alive. But what may specifically be more appealing to photographers is that the very highly anticipated Adobe Lightroom 6 leaked online according to Photo Rumors. The company refreshes the product every year and in 2014 we got lots of cool changes like the healing brush, upright, etc.

According to Photo Rumors, who found the listing on a French website then an Australian website, the new program will feature advanced black and white conversion features, the ability to apply presets on import, face recognition, advanced healing features with the brush, vertical upright, merge to HDR, panoramic fusions and photo book creation. Of course, they’re also stating that there will be other features but all of this is just pure speculation at this point.

However, it all just sounds like a natural progression of Adobe Lightroom. Merging to HDR would make so much sense and would panoramic fusions for Lightroom users that don’t really need Photoshop at all.

What seems really fun but may be undervalued by many photographers is the photo book creation. Lots of photographers are taking the DIY method when it comes to marketing and putting out zines; so this can just make everything so much simpler without having to step into InDesign.

Again, we have no idea if any of this is real but it all seems very plausible.

Fujifilm’s Rumored X-A1 Allegedly Leaks in Picture of Store Shelf

Fujifilm X-A1 Leaked Image

UPDATE 8/21/13: We have since been provided with the original picture of the X-A1, thanks Alexandre!

Fuji Rumors has just posted a picture allegedly showing the rumored X-A1 entry-level X-mount camera, sitting on a store shelf. The picture shows two cameras, a blue one labelled ‘X-A1’, and the well-known silver-and-black X-M1 medium-level X-mount camera next to it. The X-A1 has been rumored for a while, and is said to come in multiple colors and without an X-Trans sensor like its bigger siblings, instead sporting a conventional CMOS sensor.

Some commenters on Fuji Rumors point out that the alleged X-A1 looks exactly the same as the X-M1 next to it, only in blue. With that in mind, we cannot be entirely sure if this picture is real or a fake. But still, it’s pretty safe to assume that the X-A1 will be coming soon, whether this is what it’ll look like or not.

German Leica Boutique Retailer Essentially Confirms Mini M Rumors

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.38.41 AM

One of our Facebook followers tipped us off to a leak by a German retailer. Leica has been teasing a new Mini M for a little while now, and Leica Boutique Retailer Foto Henny Hoogeveen says (according to Google Translate) that they’ll have stock on June 11th of this year. They also call the new camera the X Vario: which is perfectly in line with what Leica Rumors has been stating the new camera will be called.

Hopefully, the retailer isn’t doing this just to get people to come to their Facebook page.

Editor’s Correction: They’re Dutch, not German

– Thanks Maritjn for the tip!

Canon 1Ds Mk IV Leaked, Retails For $7,637.99 US, 32MP Sensor

Here it is for you in plain sight. The retailer, Progear is selling it for $11,199.00 New Zealand dollars. Convert it to US and it goes for $7,637.99. The camera will have 32MP and will most likely be a full frame sensor as the 1Ds series usually is. Other features I’m betting it will have is some phenomenal HD video, faster frame rates, Dual DIGIC 4 (or even DIGIC 5) processors and there are bound to be loads of other stops Canon is going to pull out.

Edit: The camera is now getting into medium format territory. The Hasselblad H3dII 31 shoots at 31MP. More on this here.