Photo/Video Editing Recommendations for Tablets

We’ve covered the JooJoo, the iPad, the Slate, the Archos 9, and the Mini 5. Vince talked about the usefulness of the tablets for photography and I covered them for video editing. When we talked about these, we mentioned only a few select programs. Here are my recommendations for both types of editing work.

Photo Editing

iPad- At the moment, the platform is lacking. may be the best bet although this is very limited in capabilities until Photoshop can be ported over.

Slate- The Slate has a pretty big screen and runs Windows 7. In truth, it has the most versatility out of all the tablets we’ve talked about. One can run Photoshop (though I recommend Photoshop Elements for ease of use), Lightroom, Gimp, and other programs that work on a regular PC.

Archos 9- Though the Archos 9 runs Windows 7, the screen is much smaller than that available on the Slate. Because of this, you’re possibly best off running Photoshop Elements.

Mini 5- Android has more versatility on photo editing than it does for video editing. There are a number of apps available to do this and most of them are free. Your best bet is probably Mobile.

JooJoo- Because the JooJoo was meant for browsing the web and only browsing the web, the only thing I can really recommend is Moble.

Video Editing

iPad- is most likely your best bet in this situation. The platform is still very lacking although does have potential.

Slate- I’ve spoken very highly of using for an online video editing program for the Slate. When I contacted Jonas Hombert, CEO of the company, this is what he had to say,

The editor works on pretty much any device  which has Flash support and 3G connectivity or better. On most tablet PC’s it will therefore work like a charm, the iPad remains to be seen dependent on how they in the end do with Flash.

Since a year we’ve been working closely with Intel on developing an editor for mobile internet devices and other ultra-portable gear that is otherwise to CPU-weak to render video. We’ve solved this issue by doing all the heavy lifting (rendering, transcoding etc) on remote servers in the cloud. Thus we can theoretically edit HD video on any device regardless of CPU (including cellphones:). I’ve attached a picture of how the mobile editor looks. You can also see a video about the project here:”

That should mean that Jaycut should be able to do lots of what the average shooter may need to accomplish on a tablet. Otherwise my recommendations of editing video on a PC are Windows Movie Maker, Premiere, Premiere Elements and Sony Vegas Platinum. The latter is just like Final Cut and I’ve used to make lots of projects back in college.

Archos 9- Your best off with Windows Movie Maker and Premiere Elements due to the small screen size. If you’d like, could also work well.

Mini 5- Android has no real usable video editing apps that I know of or have ever seen. However, the promise of may work out well in the future as Android is more of a mobile operating system. The day I’ll be able to edit video on my T-Mobile G1 will be a dream.

JooJoo- would be best for the JooJoo.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.