We’re expanding the staff quite a bit: new positions are open

It’s a new year, and after gauging how things have gone for us this first month, I believe it’s time for me to grow The Phoblographer yet again. With that said, I’m announcing that I’m looking to bring on:

– two to four new reviewers

– two new educational content writers

– two new news writers

You MUST be located in the United States, however, I can make exceptions though they are extremely rare.

The ideal candidates will:

– Have great photography knowledge and be able to write well. While all articles go through my eyes and the Copy Editor’s, it makes it a lot easier on us to have polished writing and know what you’re talking about.

– Be able to contribute 2 times a week

– Be able to review gear, write features, and write posting that teach new things to our readers.

– Be super friendly: which is something that we’ve prided ourselves on here since Day 1.

– Know how to use WordPress

– Meet deadlines well

– Communicate with myself and the rest of the staff quickly

– Be well versed in social media like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

– Being able to answer, “Who, what, when, where, how, and why?” in every single paragraph written in the story.


Now here are the plusses that give you an edge:

– If you’re a current B&H and/or Amazon affiliate, we will allow you to use your links in your posting here on The Phoblographer. In fact, we let anyone use any affiliate link program.

– If you’re located in NYC (or around it) you’ll be able to accompany me to meetings with vendors and you’ll get to bond closer with some of the staff members.

– If you’re familiar with The Phoblographer’s style of doing things (have been a long time reader and can figure out what makes us different than other places like DPReview) then you’ll have an even larger edge because you’ll meld in very easily.

– Familiarity with Photo editing products is required, video editing is a plus

If you think you’ve got what it takes: shoot me an email at chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com with a resume, a cover letter, and a portfolio link, and then we’ll take it from there. In the subject line, please put: Application for The Phoblographer (Your name here: position applying for)

In the email, also please list the gear that you use. Nikon, Sony, and Micro Four Thirds users are a plus, but not at all required.

As for how many people we’re bringing onto the team: it depends on how many great candidates we get. I’m looking forward to reviewing your application.

A couple of announcements

We’re on Tumblr

We’re on Google +

Chris just bought a Nikon D5100 to add extra variety to the site. So expect even more Nikon content.


That is all, carry on now.

We’re back, for the most part (And Photo Plus)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the work of Educational Director Sander Martijn, the site is mostly back up and running. If you followed our updates through Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that the site went down yesterday. When my account was deactivated, I called our host at the time, BlueHost. They told me that the site had become too large for them to handle and that we needed to move. What I would have appreciated were warnings or at least some help moving since they were giving us the boot. However, this didn’t happen.

We’re now on a new hosting service and things are still being settled. However, it isn’t cheap to keep this site afloat now. Indeed, we’ve become even more popular than I thought we would and I question myself when I say that we’re still a small site.

With around 10,000+ unique visitors a day, I’m really thankful for all the love, kindness, and appreciation that you’ve shown for what the staff and I do here.

Now that we’re on a better hosting platform, we’re going to get back to doing what we do best: deliver the best content we can to you. However, we need your continued support. The staff of this site makes money through affiliate links, and if you appreciate their work, you can click on the affiliate links in their specific postings and make a purchase (of anything) to help them stay afloat.

The same applies to me. As the site’s owner and Editor in Chief, I can say with full honesty that our new web host overlords are not cheap and that whatever you can give will help a lot. I’ve finally taken your advice and set up a donate button on the top right corner of the site.

Photo Plus

Gevon and I are the only members of the team going to Photo Plus; and we’re doing some experimental coverage this year. I will be doing full hands on reports from the floor on the site. Gevon will be constantly updating our Facebook page with photos and hands on with products; tailored towards giving you guys quicker overviews of what’s in store.

So pay attention to us in the coming days. We’re probably about to have our best traffic month yet since the site started almost two years ago, and we’re only going to keep evolving.

And once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And please continue to show your much appreciated kindness.



Chris Gampat

Editor in Chief

Introducing the Reviews Index (and where I’ve been)

Quick Note: Due to popular demand, we have now published and created the Review Index, located in the right hand column of this site. It will be updated often, and we are aware of some broken links and images. This was due to the recent IP switch we did.

I’ve been absent for a little while, my grandfather has just passed and I am currently documenting the hardest story I’ve ever had to tell.

I’ll be back soon and will start working on other reviews and the Educational Database for the site. Slight redesign tweaks are also being talked about right now and things are moving ahead.

Once again though, I’d like to please ask for your continued support by clicking the banners and links on the site and then making purchases if you are ever buying anything from our retail partners.

That’s all for now, I need to go tie a necktie perfectly and then figure out the perfect place to affix my tie clip.

Hope you enjoy the reviews index.

Please Help Us By Completing This Survey

Hey everyone, please do us a giant favor and complete this survey. And if you don’t mind, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. We want to make the site better and we’re listening to input from you and working on specific things like a redesign, content, etc.


Chris Gampat

Editor in Cheif

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Our Contest To Win a Canon SD4500 IS Ends Tomorrow!

In case you haven’t been following us on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr here’s a head up: we’ve been running a contest in which you can win a Canon SD4500 IS (review here). It ends tomorrow. Here are the rules from the original posting:

– Become our friend on Facebook and submit your best photo(s) on our wall.

– Become our friend on Twitter and tweet us your best photo(s) with #ThePhoblographerContest

– Join our Flickr group and submit your photo(s) with the tag “The Phoblographer”

– You may enter as many submissions as you want.

– Facebook submissions from users that do not become our friend will not be accepted.

– Twitter submissions from users that do not follow @Phoblographer will not be accepted. Nor will they be accepted if they do not have the #ThePhoblographerContest hashtag.

– Flickr submissions that do not have The Phoblographer as a tag will not be accepted.

– The decisions will be made by The Phoblographer’s staff.

Contest ends November 14th at 12AM EST. The camera and accessories will be shipped to the winner free of charge in the box it came in.

Performance Issues with the Site

Hi everyone,

If you experiencing performance issues with the site over the next couple of days, it’s because we are moving to a new host. As stated earlier during the survey we took, this is part of the revamp to the site to deliver a better ThePhoblographer to you.

I ask that you please bear with us during this time because I honestly am still getting used to this all. If you experience some major problems with the site, please shoot me an email at chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Thanks everyone,

Chris Gampat

Editor in chief

The Phoblographer is Hiring

Today, I’m proud to announce that ThePhoblographer.com is hiring new writers. Just some background: all writers here have full-time jobs and write for ThePhoblographer on the side. The site has been making revamps and is constantly trying to become better. In order to suit the needs of our audience and deal with the significant growth that we saw with last month’s traffic spike, we are recruiting new additions to the team. Hit the jump for details. Continue reading…

Send Us Your Questions and Reader Letters

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that we’re always looking to answer your questions and help you in any way that we can. Send us your reader letters at:

Chris Gampat (Editor in Cheif)- chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Will Greenwald (Premium Compact Specialist)- WillGreenwald[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Julius Motal (Copy Editor)- JuliusMotal[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Gevon Servo (Lead Tester)- GevonServo[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

We typically answer questions in special reader letter postings to help you out as much as we can. With the results of the recent survey, we’re trying to do better.

Readers: We need your help

Hey everyone, first we just wanted to say thank you for your commentary and votes in our recent reader survey. Now, we’ve got one last question for you.

After October 19th, you will begin to see the new changes to the blog take shape as we were totally scheduled up until then.

We’re still open to hearing all of your comments about how the site can be improved and what you’d like us to cover/add. In fact, we really encourage them as we want to serve you better.


Chris Gampat


Please Complete Our New Survey

Hey everyone, because of the recent traffic spikes we’ve been having and the new reader influx, I’d like to ask everyone to please complete this new survey so we can better tailor the content to you.

Also if you don’t mind, please leave us constructive criticism in the comments below. Comments with substance and how we can actually make ourselves better is what we’re looking for. Thanks everyone 🙂


Also, please become a fan of us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Wacom Introduces The Cintiq 21UX Tablet For Photo Editing

Today, Wacom announced their new Cintiq 21UX tablet for photo editing. New features of the tablet include enhanced pen performance and new ergonomics designed to provide an intuitive and “natural-feeling pen-on-screen” workflow in addition to a black-scheme look to it. It will come at a pricey $1999 in the United States when it ships in late March/early April. Also included are the bundled software and a pen stand. It should work well with Photoshop and the other editing programs I’ve written about previously. More details in the four-page press release which can be downloaded here in PDF format (New Cintiq 21UX March 1 2010 Final for Distribution) More pictures after the jump. Also check out our coverage on Tablets.

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Tablets For Photographers: The Round Up

Throughout all of last week I have discussed The HP Slate, The JooJoo, The Dell Mini 5, Archos 9, and The Apple iPad as to find out which tablet would serve a photographer best. Now all these tablets have a usefulness to them, none of them is without any worth, however from a photographer’s point of view some of them do not stand up to what we need from a Tablet PC. Here are my final thoughts. Continue reading…

Tablets for Photographers: The Apple iPad

Finally we have come to the last tablet, and possibly the be all end all to this tablet war, the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad was deemed the savior to many media industries and was looked forward to by photographers as a way to edit, and view your photos on the go. So is it really just a better way of presenting your portfolio?

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Tablets for Photographers: The Archos 9

The Archos 9 PC Tablet is Archos’ latest touch screen tablet. It’s being advertised as the thinnest tablet on the market, while still being able to boast the high performance of a high-end netbook without risk of over heating. This will be the second tablet we’ll be taking a peak at that uses some form of Windows 7. Let’s see if the Archos can hold a candle to everything else we have looked at this week.  Continue reading…

Video Editing on Tablet PCs: Is it Possible?

Vincent talked about tablet PCs for photo editing, but we’ve received questions for them in regards to editing videos as well. With the prime options for the category being available and debatable right now, it’s time we take a look into the possibility of using them for video editing while at an event, covering a story abroad, etc. Some are better than others, but it all makes sense in the end.

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Tablets for Photographers: The Dell Mini 5

The next tablet I’m going to take a look at is The Dell Mini 5 (I’ve already looked at the JooJoo and the HP Slate). Not much is known about the Dell Mini 5 yet aside from that is has a 5 inch multi-touch screen, runs a customized version of the Android OS, and uses a 1 GHZ Snap Dragon Processor. The Dell Mini 5 also doubles as a phone and supports wifi and bluetooth. The plus side of this is that the Android OS supports a lot of apps that can only be rivaled with the iPhone/Pad/Touch OS. In fact, Chris wrote a posting on the best Android apps for photography. But does that do anything for us photographers?

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Tablets For Photographers: The HP Slate

The Tablet PC Market has seen quite a lot of news as of late, the release of the iPad getting the most of it. With five more tablets on the verge of launching, photographers who may want to invest in one may be wondering which tablet is the right tablet for them. Over the next 5 days I’m going to take a look at these tablets and try my hand at deciphering which tablet would be a good tablet for photographers. The first being the HP Slate.

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