Freeze Your Camera, Get Better High ISO?

Freezing your camera apparently gives you better high ISO. That’s what one user is claiming to say on 4Chan’s /p/ thread. Apparently the user stuck his Sony A350 in the freezer and got better results at ISO 3200. More on this after the jump.

This is the thread I’m talking about (WARNING SLIGHTLY NSFW)

This is the user’s EXIF Data.

And here are his results.

Pretty crazy now, isn’t it? ISO 3200 is the highest the A350 can go. For the pixel peepers to reference, here is DPReview’s charts on ISO 3200 with the A350. By all means though, freeze your camera at your own risk. It would be interesting to see the results with one of the tough point and shoot cameras made though.

This could possibly be just a troll, however not many people have seemingly tried this.

Feel free to weigh in on this in the comments below.

Update: It seems legit!! See photo below.

Chris Gampat

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