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Felix Esser The Phoblographer kid action pre-focusing

Taking pictures of fast-moving subjects can be difficult. Pre-focusing often helps a lot.

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Taking images of fast moving subjects can be very difficult–and we’re using the term ‘fast moving’ very loosely here. A fast moving subject can be anything from a racing car coming your way at terminal velocity, to a snail trying to cross the street. Ultimately, what is fast depends on how quickly and how accurately your camera’s autofocus is able to lock on to a subject that is not holding still. Some cameras are better suited at this, while some have a hard time locking on to anything that moves only slightly.

This is one of the reasons why sports photographer usually go for high-end DSLRs, as these have the most elaborate and advanced AF systems. A very good AF system and a lens that is quick to focus are a necessity if you regularly take pictures of moving things, persons, or animals. But not every scenario that involves a subject on the move is as unpredictable as a tennis player pacing across the court. So for some situations, there is a simple but effective trick to work around your camera’s autofocus limitations: to pre-focus.

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All images by Alexandre Buisse. Used with permission

We talked to photographer Alexandre Buisse a while back when he showed the world just what the Nikon D800 could take while out in the field. Alex has been a photographer for years and has embraced trekking to remote locations to capture images that embody the spirit of adventure and the passion that goes along with bringing wonderful scenic spots to viewers. He takes this even further by sometimes combining it with outdoor sports.

Alex is super busy, but he had some time to catch up with us and answer a few questions about what it’s like to photograph in the great outdoors.

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Felix Esser The Phoblographer Peak Design POV Kit

Peak Design, the guys behind the Capture Clip which we reviewed here at The Phoblographer (both the original and the new pro version), have recently been funding a new product via Kickstarter, called the POV Kit. Basically, it’s an attachment for your Capture Clip, and it lets you use pretty much any camera like a GoPro. At Photo Plus Expo 2013, we got a short demonstration of the device, and we have to say that Peak Design seems to have done it again.

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Lorenz Holder, Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner, with winning photograph in background

Lorenz Holder, Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner, with winning photograph in background

At a ceremony held in Hong Kong today, Red Bull announced the winners of the 2013 Red Bull Illume action & adventure sport photography contest. Among the finalists were photographers from all over the world–the overall winner, however, was Lorenz Holder from Germany. For his picture of a snowboarder riding a giant satellite dish, Holder was awarded, among other things, a brand new Leica S medium format DSLR camera. The ten category winners were each awarded a Leica X2 camera. After the ceremony, the top 50 images were unveiled along Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars, each on its own 6 ft by 6 ft light box.

The top ten finalist images can be found after the break.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer MeFOTO Walkabout Monopod (2 of 6)ISO 2001-480 sec at f - 4.0

MeFOTO’s Walkabout Monopod is targeted at the adventure photography crowd, but also has lots of practical applications for city dwellers and sports shooters. As with everything else from MeFOTO, they come in a multitude of colors to fit your own needs and wants. But they also include lots of subtle design features that make it an item that you’ll actually want to bring with you instead of thinking about it as just something extra.

The monopods are a five section aluminum alloy product that is also meant to function as a walking stick. And it may just be something worth looking into for the adventure photographer.

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The world of photography is getting crazier. In what could be considered a D*#@ move, Reuters has decided to use USA Today Sports Images instead of using its freelance pool of sports photographers. Those who were contracted have been contacted with Reuters by way of phone calls or having to call and ask. As of September 15 2013, 30-50 photographers are being reassigned off the sports beat into other areas. In their original contract National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and National Basketball Association games were covered by these freelance photographers. They will still be able to shoots sports internationally. This is a developing situation as clients of Reuters as well as photographers are still being notified.

Via FStoppers and NPPA