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Felix Esser The Phoblographer LowePro Urban Reporter Bag Hands-On

At Phot Plus Expo 2013, LowePro is showing off two new shoulder bag series for the photographer on the go: the Urban Reporter series and the Nova Sport series. Both series come in three sizes, both offer space for a laptop and tablet, and both come with variable and removable inserts. While the Urban Reporter has a more understated look that might appeal more to the fashion-conscious and business types, the Nova Sport is clearly aimed at the active outdoors crowd. We’ve been taking a closer look at both.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Manfrotto Shoulder Bag 30 product photos (1 of 10)ISO 2001-250 sec at f - 3.2

If you ask anyone in the photo industry what Manfrotto is best known for, they’d probably tell you their tripods. That isn’t to say at all that they make awful bags though. Earlier in the year, we saw a couple of new bags from the company–and amongst the ones that we’ve been testing for a while is the Shoulder Bag 30. The 30 is a camera bag that is obviously meant to be a shoulder bag, but also meant to be placed somewhere in the middle. As the numbers get larger, so do the bags.

And even though we weren’t so sold on the 30 when we first got it in, we eventually warmed up to it. Now, we’re actually quite impressed with the way it works in real life.

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Urban Disguise® 60 V2.0 20130529Gservo-3739

For years, I have been notorious for only using backpacks and for years, folks like Chris Gampat have been bugging me to think about shoulder bags. When we worked together at photography trade shows like Photo Plus Expo or had to travel around NYC, my backpacks seemed to get in the way. So always willing to learn and try new things I decided to try the Think Tank Urban Disguise 60 v2. It was a game changer for me. I tend to put a lot of thought into how I carry my gear. This bag handled everything. When I needed it to be more adaptable, it was.

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In collaboration with the Japanese bag brand Porter, from Yashida Kaban, Nikon has announced a new bag according to AkibaraNews. It’s called the Nikon xPorter Varistor Shoulder bag and is due out this year on April 27th. Its made of heat resistant, rub resistant barrister nylon. It’s the same type of fabric used for making bulletproof jackets and car air bags. The bag is black with a yellow interior. It can hold cameras, lenses and tablet/compact laptop inside. They are protected by three urethane pads.

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Think Tank just recently launched a new line of bags called the Sub Urban Disguise which is designed to be a very small option for carrying either mirrorless / compact systems or a regular sized DSLR with 1-2 lenses. I’ve had the bag for a few weeks now, and I feel that I understand it well enough to share my thoughts. Head on past the break for my review of  the Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 10.

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Instead of lugging around your entire camera collection, the Vojo 25 from Vanguard restricts you to a single DLSR body and just a couple of lenses. Personally, I prefer carrying light and being confined within one or two focal lengths my lenses provide me because it allows me to get creative with them and produce some interesting photos. The convenient top zipper gives quick and silent access to your gear instead of having to be that awkward guy constantly ripping Velcro in a quiet environment.

After over a week of real-world testing and putting the Vojo 25 through its paces, we’re ready to give you the full review after the cut.

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