This Super Cool Animation Shows How a Film SLR Camera Works

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The Single lens reflex (SLR) system was a game-changer in film photography because it allowed the photographer to see exactly what the camera is seeing through the lens. While digital photography has succeeded film, the operational concepts and mechanics of a traditional film SLR remains the same in the modern digital SLR cameras. In the age of photography being easily accessible to anyone, many digital SLR owners may not understand how their cameras function. We found this useful and easy to digest 60 seconds animation on Youtube by Ilford Photo illustrating how a film SLR works.  Continue reading…

The Editor’s Perspective: How to Become a World Famous Street Photographer

Every street photographer out there surely tries to find a way to become more and more famous or well known for their work. Photographers have their own ways to trying to become famous, but I sit on the other side of the editorial desk every day. From an Editor’s perspective, there is much that a photographer can do to ensure that they get our attention.

So on February 22nd-24th, The Phoblogrpaher’s Frameworks Workshops are co-hosting a special online photography workshop with Modern Thrive. How to Become a Legitimate Street Photographer will run you $97.00 and includes one hour sessions each night for three nights.

More details are below!

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How Tilt Shift Lenses Make Scenes Look Miniature

Tilt Shift lenses are very careful and precise optics designed for specific uses by landscape and architecture photographers. Their effects are often associated with that “miniature effect”. Then there are options like Lensbaby that give you a simulated tilt and shift focus option. But in order to understand how these really work, we asked some of the experts at Canon and Nikon.

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Want To Improve Your Instagram Photographs? Try These 3 Simple Styling Tips

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The fundamentals of good photography apply to all kinds of mediums, from a professional grade DSLR or a smartphone. Composition has always been one of the most important factors in either making or breaking the shot. Professional wedding photographers Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta (and their dog, Carlton) created an extremely helpful short video on their Youtube channel demonstrating three easy to use composition tips on how to improve styling for Instagram photos.

The first tip shared in the video is all about perspective and how it can affect the different outcome of photographs. Typically there are three basic perspectives that can be applied: the birds’ eye view, 45 degrees and neutral perspective. Using birds’ eye view provides a top down perspective giving equal emphasis on all subjects laying flat, while the 45 degrees framing can result in a more 3 dimensional look, adding layers of depth to the image. The neutral position works best if you intend to use shallow depth of field to isolate your subject, creating that desirable “bokeh” background look.

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This is What a Cheap Reflector Can Do For Your Portraits

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While the world is obsessing over newer, higher Megapixel count and more powerful cameras, the most important factor when it comes to photography is light. Therefore having the ability to modify and improve lighting quality can significantly enhance the image output. When shooting with available light, professional photographers often employ creative use of light reflectors to improve lighting for portraits. We have come across this GIF made by Photojojo showing the effects of taking portraits with and without the use of a light reflector, as shown below.
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How to Create Really Fun Double Exposure Photos and Videos on Your Phone

Double exposures are so incredibly tough to do for many photographers out there, but with patience you’ll get it. Most photographers try to do it in Photoshop but it ends up just being more annoying and a hassle than it’s worth. Some cameras have it available ready for you to use. But sometimes, it’s best to just sit there and edit on your phone than sit at a computer or try to navigate your camera’s clunky interface.

So here’s how I do it.

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Tips on Making Models Comfortable and Breaking the Ice

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UK based Imogen, of the popular Youtube Channel, WeeklyImogen, discusses tips and techniques to help you make models more comfortable during your shoots. Using her many years of experience as a model, and lessons learned from working alongside photographer Mark Wilkinson, Imogen covers everything from shoot planning, first impressions, judging the model’s natural comfort level, and more. Particularly of note, she discusses building a rapport by simply chatting and getting to know the person you’re working with. Continue reading…