3 Beautiful Zeiss Lenses to Adapt to Canon RF Cameras

If you’re a fan of the classic look, then you’ll probably adore what Zeiss lenses can do. And if you’re a Canon RF camera shooter, then you’re in luck. We’ve reviewed tons of Zeiss lenses on Canon bodies over the years and have always been in awe of what they can do. If you’re looking for something slower with a more unique look, we think you’ll love these. Dive into this roundup with us!

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The Heartbreaking Disaster of Zeiss Lenses and How It Happened

Let’s be very honest here, Zeiss lenses are fantastic. They’re capable in every single way. For years, they also had some of the best image quality you could ever get from a lens. Zeiss lenses were available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Leica-M, and Fujifilm X cameras. But they quietly disappeared from the photo industry with more of a focus on cinema. So what happened? Well, I’d like to relay what I’ve seen in my 12 years of journalism and covering the Zeiss company.

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Cheap Photo: Sony Fans, Get These Zeiss, Tamron Lenses While On Sale

These fantastic Zeiss lenses for Sony E mount cameras have had their prices slashed.

It’s a great time to be a Sony shooter, especially if you’re looking to add some top-quality lenses to your collection. For a short time you can save hundreds on lenses from Zeiss, like the Zeiss Loxia 25mm f2.4 which has a discount of $358.90, and the Zeiss Loxia 21mm f2.8 which has had a massive $455.61 chopped of its regular price, You can also grab the Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8 for just $610, and the Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 Macro for $849. There are also deals on Tamron lenses, like the 20mm f2.8, the 24mm f2.8, and the 35mm f2.8. All are still just $299 each. You can even save on the newly released Tamron 70-180mm f2.8. Head on past the break to see all of the deals on Zeiss lenses and more.

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Missing In Action: Where In the World Is the Zeiss ZX1?

The Zeiss ZX1, a camera many photographers had wet dreams about, has seemingly vanished without a trace.

Picture it; Cologne, Germany, 2018, thirsty photographers from around globe packed into an event hall for Photokina to get their grubby mitts on new and exciting cameras, and there, like a shining ray of light, was the Zeiss ZX1. A new camera so unique, so cutting edge, so gorgeously designed that it seemed too good to be true. And apparently, it was. This marvel of a camera was due to be released in early 2019, but to date, it is still missing. We know it has been out and about in the wild with testers, but they are sworn to secrecy. The official Zeiss ZX1 website is alive and well, and the camera also received Adobe camera RAW support in December of 2019, so what happened to this gorgeous Full Frame, internet-connected camera? Let’s talk about it after the break.

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Three Zeiss Lenses That Will Make a Landscape Photographer Drool

Zeiss makes some of the best optics, so if you’re a landscape photographer who demands more, you need to check out these Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss makes some of the most beautiful lenses around, and their wide-angle options are no exception. Zeiss lenses are a work of art in themselves. They all have fantastic build qualities, offer razor-sharp images, have beautifully dampened focus rings, and they produce colors that absolutely sing. If you’re a landscape photographer with a wallet deep enough to splash out on these lenses, and you like the finer things in life, you should check out three of our favorite Zeiss lenses for landscape and cityscape photography.

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Our Zeiss Milvus Guide Has Received a New Lick of Paint, Check it Out

zeiss milvus

Our Zeiss Milvus buyer’s guide has been updated, refreshed, and is looking rather spiffy! 

If you’re a photographer who demands the very best from the lenses you use, you need to make sure that you check out the less talked about offerings from Zeiss. The Zeiss Milvus collection of prime lenses is quite exquisite, and they should satisfy the needs of those who need the absolute sharpest optics that money can buy. Over the last few years, the staff at The Phoblographer have been able to use, and review every single Zeiss Milvus lens that has hit the market. To make things easy for those who are looking for premium lenses, we made a buyer’s guide. We’re pleased to say that the Milvus buyers guide has now been updated. Find out more about it after the break. Continue reading…