Three Zeiss Lenses That Will Make a Landscape Photographer Drool

Zeiss makes some of the best optics, so if you’re a landscape photographer who demands more, you need to check out these Zeiss lenses.

Zeiss makes some of the most beautiful lenses around, and their wide-angle options are no exception. Zeiss lenses are a work of art in themselves. They all have fantastic build qualities, offer razor-sharp images, have beautifully dampened focus rings, and they produce colors that absolutely sing. If you’re a landscape photographer with a wallet deep enough to splash out on these lenses, and you like the finer things in life, you should check out three of our favorite Zeiss lenses for landscape and cityscape photography.

There’s no doubt that quality glass will help you get the most out of any camera. These Zeiss lenses will ensure that every pixel your camera’s sensor is put to work, and trust us when we say you’ll be floored with the images you’ll be able to create with them. These lenses are luxurious in every way. The meticulous attention to detail and the way the Zeiss lenses feel in hand will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The manual focus rings are silky smooth and offer great control over the lens, and the colors these lenses reproduce are gorgeous. Check out the three Zeiss lenses we would take with us on our landscape and cityscape photoshoots below.

Zeiss 15mm F2.8 Milvus

Here are the pros and cons from our review:


  • Super sharp
  • Almost impossible to take a bad photo with
  • Well built
  • Not incredibly heavy
  • Gorgeous image quality
  • Every time you look through the viewfinder, you’re bound to see something awesome because of how vast the viewing angle is
  • Weather sealing


  • Expensive

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Zeiss Lenses 15mm f2.8 Milvus
Captured with the Zeiss 15mm f2.8 Milvus

Pro Tip: Believe it or not, there’s a ton of Zeiss lenses perfect for landscape photography. We picked out a few we love, but you should check out our Zeiss Lenses buying guide to see all the fantastic primes they offer. You’ll find everything from ultra-wide lenses to telephoto options that will wow you when it comes to output. Check out our guide to see all of the other Zeiss lenses we have reviewed.

Zeiss 18mm F2.8 Batis (Sony E)

Here are the pros and cons from our review:


  • Very sharp image performance
  • Low profile look on the outside
  • Fast to focus even on an old Sony a7
  • Pretty nice bokeh
  • Weather sealing; it survived a downpour of rain and then tea being spilled on it
  • Distortion is fairly well controlled
  • Manual focusing amazingly doesn’t tend to drain the battery of the Sony a7


  • Expensive
  • The rubber focusing ring could use a better gripping design

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Pro Tip: You can have the best lenses ever made in your possession, but if you don’t know how to compose images, scout out locations, or sell your work, those lenses won’t do you much good. If you want to be able to make the best landscape, cityscape, and skyline images possible, and make money from your work, you should check out this tutorial from Ian Shive. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know in regards to how to get started, how to compose compelling images that sell, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Zeiss 25mm F1.4 Milvus

Here are the pros and cons from our full review:


  • Class-leading image quality
  • Great colors and skin tones
  • Bokeh is gorgeous
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Weather sealing
  • Metal body


  • Comparatively not that expensive, but still pricey

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Brett Day

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