High Resolution, Royalty Free Images for Free? Zack Arias Says No!

Unsplash has been polarizing the Industry and Zack Arias weighs in! (feature image screenshot from video, credit to Zack Arias)

Internet rants about bad ideas, horrible policies, and just plain old drama are not uncommon these days. But let’s be honest, there are a ton of reasons for this, and chief among them is there simply are a lot of things worth ranting about out there. Take Unsplash for example, the image sharing website where photographers are sharing high-resolution imagery royalty free (ie giving away their work for free). It has been polarizing the photo world; some think it has a purpose, and others view it as a scourge on the industry. Continue reading…

Get The $2500+ Complete Photography Bundle For Just $97

30 Products, $2500 value, on sale to benefit charity for just $97 — How can you pass that sort of deal up?

As photographers we are always learning new techniques, discovering news ways to use the gear that we have, constantly evolving. A huge way to always keep moving forward in that way is by constantly educating yourself, through tutorials, workshops, and other similar photographic education. So what if we told you that you could get your hands on some of the best photography education, products and more from well-known names and outlets such as Zack Arias, Lindsey Adler, Joel Grimes, Rocky Nook and Design Aglow? Continue reading…

Zack Arias Teaches You About Using a White Seamless Background

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.05.26 AM

Photographer Zack Arias is mostly a commercial and editorial photographer these days (while wanting to do personal portraits) and many of his most famous photos are on location. But he took the time to create two videos on Dedpixel to school you on using a white seamless background. The biggest rule of all is that you need more than one light typically. At least one light should hit your subject and at least one should hit the background, but the one hitting the background needs to be exposed one top more powerful than your main light.

He also shows things like how a scene can be lit light at a time. The videos are after the jump, and well worth your time to check out.

Via ISO 1200

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How 8 Famous Photographers Have Changed Over the Past Year


All images used with permission from the respective photographers.

A year can change someone, especially if you’re a goal-driven photographer always trying to make progress. Every year, each photographers tries to make changes that move them forward, but some do better than others.

We talked eight of the top photographers in the world about how they progressed and what they did that made a difference.

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Zack Arias Schools You on Why the Full Frame vs APS-C Debate is Crap

julius motal the phoblographer fujifilm xt1 review-2

What’s the difference between a full-frame and APS-C sized sensor? You might think it’s quality but according to famous photographer Zack Arias it’s really just about having a sensor that’s just a tiny bit bigger. Arias put out a new humorous and biting video that debates the advantage of full-frame sensors over the course of 11-minutes (plus two and half minutes of bonus gear porn).

Arias does not mince words and points out the size difference between sensors pales in comparison to film days when image sizes became exponentially larger. Going back in time Arias gives us a history lesson on how film photographers though bigger was better. Medium format was better than 35mm film, large format was better than medium, and then real large format users took pictures with 8 x 10-inch frames, not that baby crap 4 x 5-inch paper.

Arias said people think bigger is better applies to digital sensors in the same way. Sure APS-C sensors used to have poorer high ISO performance, but technology has advanced to the point where a Micro Three Fourth sensor backed Panasonic GH4 can perform amazingly at ISO 12,800. Otherwise the only other advantage full-frame sensors have is the ability to resolve slightly more bokeh.

To sum up the video, Arias says the difference is negligible. To illustrate this he chooses to use the Fujifilm X-T1 over the Nikon D4s for his next shoot. Lastly the famous street photographer points out cameras from full-frame DSLRs, to APS-C mirrorless cameras, and even Go-Pros are amazing cameras, but at the end of the day they’re just pieces of gear. What really matters is the “moron behind the camera”—that’s you by the way—because you’re the one who knows about composition and lighting.

Make sure to watch until the end of the video for all the gear porn set to trance music.

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6 Books to Inspire Your Photography in 2014

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Olympus EPL5 review photos (2 of 13)ISO 400

The arrival of a new year provides a new opportunity to do something new and exciting with one’s photography. Whether you practice photography as a business as a personal passion, it’s a good time to become reinvested in one’s passion and there is no better way to do that than to delve into books that not only educate but also inspire. Here are some titles that should help take your photography to a new level in 2014

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Review: Photography Q & A: Real Questions. Real Answers by Zack Arias


When it comes to photo education, the industry has adopted a lot of the ideas and practices of the self-help movement. Whether it’s in a book or at a big photo event, there are people that get you psyched up about making the choice to “live the dream” and to become a professional photographer.

Some of these people are sincere in their encouragements, while others seem more interested in pushing a product or a service. In any case, they tap into a desire that many people have to lead a more creative and satisfying life.

Zack Arias’ new book, Photography Q&A: Real Questions. Real Answers is a welcome alternative that provides a frank and brutally honest perspective on what it takes to go pro.

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Marissa Mayer: “There is no such thing as a professional photographer anymore.”



Image from Zack Arias’s Instagram

Yup, you just read that right. According to a report from GigaOM, Marissa Mayer does not believe that there is such a thing as a professional photographer anymore. However, she acknowledges different skill levels. We’re not sure if she’s aware that there are people who make their living off of selling their creative vision to customers. Additionally, we’re not sure if she is aware of the fact that there is insurance involved, fees, maintenance, upgrades, marketing, etc involved in the whole business of being a photographer.

And guess whose angry? Not only us, but Zack Arias.

This announcement from the CEO was stated when the new 1TB of awesomeness came to Flickr users.

Zack Arias Turns His Tumblr into a Book


Zack Arias has been doing quite a bit these days: from declaring that the DSLR is dead to now turning loads of questions from his Tumblr into a book. The book is called Photography Q&A, and is currently on sale at Amazon. If you’re not familiar already, Zack has been using Tumblr’s, “Ask A Question” feature to interact with people all over the internet. And he has been curating and publishing a list of the best questions. I don’t even want to imagine the job he did of weeding out internet trolls, but the end result of his time and efforts is apparently over 1,000 questions asked and answered in the book. We can probably think of it as the longest interview ever.

Arias is following a long known trend of taking tidbits from the web and monetizing them via a physical book. We’re curious to know if the layout will include images from the man himself.

Editor’s Correction: The book has only 100 of the best questions according to Zack. It also features some of his original photography.

Zack Arias Declares DSLR to be Dead in a New Video

A while ago, Zack Arias did his own review of the Fujifilm X100s. And he loved it so much. He is now being featured in a brand new video from Fujifilm Middle East where he declares the same thing. Overall, the video has some wonderful photos from Arias, though some of them aren’t his strongest work. Some of the video work during the day isn’t the best either in the opening footage while the rest is positively beautiful. The video is worth a look to see what he captured while in Istanbul.

We also reviewed the X100s, and even though we found a couple of cons with the camera, we overall still declared it to also be quite excellent. However, we’re not quite ready to say that the DSLR is dead yet.