The Nikon Z9 Is Sure to Be a Professional Mirrorless Beast

Combining and improving upon the best of the D850 and the D6, Nikon is going all-in with their upcoming flagship model.

A new report says that the upcoming Nikon Z9 is likely to have the 45-megapixel resolution of the D850. If the Z9 can beat the low light performance of the D850 by at least two stops, then we’re looking at a real game-changer here. The D850 is easily Nikon’s most sought after camera in recent times and one of their all-time best cameras. Nikon was the company that didn’t give you everything in their top models. You either had to make do with high frames per second or high resolution, but not both in a single model. Then, the D850 came around. It was consistently on backorder due to its unprecedented demand worldwide. Can the Z9 become another best seller for Nikon?

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