Does Photography Really Mean Anything to Anyone in the Digital Age?

In the digital age, photography is a shadow of its former self, but we can help change that.

Photography, since the dawn of the digital camera and the smartphone, has evolved into an art form that can be accessed by anyone, at any time. Without thinking about it, we can grab our cameras, rattle off pictures at a furious pace, and share them with the world in seconds. But how much do you care about the photos you’re taking? Do they really mean anything to you? Do you really care about other digital images you see on a daily basis? Join us after the break as we explore this a little more. Continue reading…

This Photograph Is NOT Free, It’s $10,695

This Photograph Is NOT Free, It’s $10,695 was originally published by Scott Wyden Kivowitz. It is being syndicated with permission.

Like anything else in life, this photograph is not free. If I chose to allow someone to use it without paying me, that’s one thing. But you (random person in the world) cannot use this photograph without asking me first. Or paying me first.

This photograph costs $10,695, even though I license it for much less. Let me explain.

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Traps that Many Aspiring Photographers Get Caught In

You’ve heard the bad excuses for not wanting to pay a photographer, but the sad thing is that many aspiring photographers still get caught in traps when they’re first starting out. When you get caught in said traps, it can be tough to get out of them. Unfortunately, they can sometimes lead you into bankruptcy, heavy debt, unemployment, or bad legal issues. As a guy that is a former professional, I’ve seen and experienced much of it.

These are the traps that many get caught in.

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