This Photograph Is NOT Free, It’s $10,695

This Photograph Is NOT Free, It’s $10,695 was originally published by Scott Wyden Kivowitz. It is being syndicated with permission.

Like anything else in life, this photograph is not free. If I chose to allow someone to use it without paying me, that’s one thing. But you (random person in the world) cannot use this photograph without asking me first. Or paying me first.

This photograph costs $10,695, even though I license it for much less. Let me explain.

This photograph was made with help from the following products. You’ll see the prices next to each item and the total below. Close observers will notice I also rounded each product higher slightly. That’s to simplify because there is also tax included on many of the products.

Nikon D700 — $3000
Nikon 14–24mm f/2.8 — $1900
Promote Control — $330
Really Right Stuff Tripod — $1280
Adobe Lightroom — $150
Adobe Photoshop — $500
Photomatix Pro — $100
ColorChecker Passport — $100
ColorMunki — $400
Memory Card — $100
Local Storage — $600
Offsite Backup — $600
Cloud Backup — $200
Website Hosting — $1200
Photo Proofing, Sales & Delivery — $150
Gas & Tolls — $30
Copyright — $55
The total cost of all of these tools and services is $10,695, and that does not include my own time which is also extremely valuable.

So next time you’re asked for free usage of one of your photographs, do something like this. Show what makes the photograph so valuable. But also explain the value of a good photograph beyond the numbers. Go into the creativity behind the photograph.

This Photograph Is NOT Free, It’s $10,695 was originally published by Scott Wyden Kivowitz.

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