Khadejeh Nikouyeh Gradually Fell in Love with Sports Photojournalism

“I had no excuse and I wanted to make her proud,” says North Carolina photojournalist Khadejeh Nikouyeh. Referencing the touching moment she remembered her late mother and registered for a college photojournalism program, she remembers the sacrifices her parents made for her. The fine art photography program she signed up for five years ago didn’t fit well with her. A handful of jobs filled her life until she decided to get back to college to honor her mother’s desire. That was probably the best decision she had made in her life. An opportunity to shoot a professional high school football game gave her a first taste of sporting action from the sidelines. But it’s the emotion and drama off the field that she loves photographing the most.

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Dorota Gorecka Fell In Love With Photography Using An Empty Studio

“My intention is to get the viewer interested in what the model is thinking,” says Dorota Gorecka of Poland when I ask her what gets people so engrossed in her portraits of women. She began playing with photography equipment in the unused studio at the advertising agency she worked at. Spending more and more time here led to her getting hooked on photography. She specializes in working under natural light conditions and working with models to produce moody photographs.

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Colorful Portraits Of Women Have Won Cristina Venedict Many Awards

“When you want something from the bottom of your heart, the Universe will show you a way,” says Romanian photographer Cristina Venedict about her path to photography. She loves using primary complementary colors in her portrait work, which allows her soul to speak to the viewer using styles learned from art school. But her path to discovering photography wasn’t all that straightforward.

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It’s 2021, and Diversity in Photography Is Still a Struggle

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As the Arts & Culture editor of a leading photography publication, it’s my responsibility to ensure we remain as diverse as possible. It’s not only my doing; all staff at The Phoblographer remains committed to showing the best photographers from all walks of life. Diversity in photography isn’t tricky either. Dig into any subculture, and I promise you will find remarkable photographers. So, the question is: why do camera manufacturers still struggle to get on top of diversity within their camps?

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Did Canon Philippines Make A Misogynistic Choice?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the powers that be in the industry had the fortitude to admit they don’t value women? Each new offense is a middle finger salute, and the reaction to remedy them is increasingly hollow. The newest chapter of this mundane book is being written by Canon Philippines. Naturally, their decision to name an all-male ambassador team is met with resentment and outrage. It’s hardly a shock. What is surprising is their non-apology apology paired with silence from the other global divisions.

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These Powerful Projects Got $10,000 For These Photographers

Early this month, Leica announced the winners of its second annual Leica Women Foto Project Award.

Leica has just awarded three talented women photographers $10,000 each. Matika Wilbur, Karen Zusman, and Anna Boyiazis submitted their projects to receive the award. A Leica Q2 was also awarded to each photographer winning the Leica Women Foto Project. Unfortunately, Matika and Anna were unavailable to speak to. But we caught up with Karen to learn more about her work and the impact $10,000 will have on her project.

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The Phoblographer’s List of Great Women Photographers in 2020

As each year goes by, we’re happy to see more and more women photographers get the recognition they deserve. The Phoblographer has long been committed to highlighting female photographers’ skills, and in 2020 we’ve been lucky to feature some inspirational work. It’s hard to put a list together of the best, especially when the standard is so high! But we spent our time separating the very best from the rest to show you the great women photographers of 2020.

Also be sure to enter our contest on Women Who Inspire You with Leica. You can win a Leica Q2.

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Why Street Photography Is Easy for Norah Alamri in Saudi Arabia

All images by Norah Alamri. Used with permission.

“The reality is every country has beauty hidden everywhere,” says Norah Alamri. “But the media always focuses on representing the bad and sometimes inaccurate news about my country.” Speak to most people in the west, and if you mention Saudi Arabia, it will be met with a comment like “it’s dangerous, sexist, and totalitarian.” There’s truth to it, but this truth can also be found in many other countries around the world. And we seldom read or hear about Saudi’s beauty and its positives. That is why the work of Alamri is so important: it helps people see her country in a different light. Let’s take a look.

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5 Astonishing Women Doing Boudoir Photography Tutorials on YouTube

Experience boudoir photography tutorials through the female gaze.

Boudoir photography can be a whole lot of fun, both for the model and the photographer. But those elegant, attractive, and sensual photos are not easy to achieve, especially if you’re working with non-models. You need plenty of knowledge to do it, and even more if you want to do it well. Because most boudoir subjects are female, we wanted to put this piece together from the female photographers’ perspective. Because, after all, who knows about women’s bodies better than women themselves? Check out these women doing boudoir photography tutorials on YouTube.

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Bayard Wootten: The Pioneering Female Photographer You Haven’t Heard About

Bayard Wootten deserves a spot on your list of remarkable female photographers to look up to and recognize.

This month is about recognizing and honoring the works of women in all fields and industries, photography included. We already got started with 20 contemporary women photographers to inspire you this year. But we’d love to add one more, an important yet mostly unheard of photographer at that: Mary Bayard Wooten, one of the most important photographers of the early 1900s. She was way ahead of her time, rising above the challenges she faced as a single, divorced mother, an entrepreneur, and a creative in a male-dominated society.

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20 Women Photographers to Inspire You Through 2020

We’re very excited for the year these 20 women photographers have ahead of them.

There are many reasons to highlight the work of women photographers. Our reason is simple; we love to share greatness. As one of the photo industry’s leading publications, we’re fortunate to be exposed to talented women photographers. Street photography, documentary, portrait, product, and more: the female presence is on the rise across the board and it’s incredibly exciting! In fact, it was difficult cutting our list down to just 20! But we got there, and this is the best of best.

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Juanita Escobar Photographs the Story of Women in a Conflict Zone

Since 2015, Colombian documentary photographer Juanita Escobar has been immersing herself in the vastness of the land surrounding the Orinoco River, diving deep into the lives of the women entangled in the Colombia – Venezuela border crisis.

While border crisis issues typically suggest big picture narratives and large-scale issues, Colombian documentary photographer Juanita Escobar has chosen to focus her efforts on the complex lives of women who have settled along the Orinoco River. Straddling the Colombian and Venezuelan border, the river is a symbol of geographical divide, border conflicts, and numerous adversities that Juanita has found women, in particular, vulnerable to. In her long-term documentary series, she has been traversing the expanse surrounding, immersing herself in the lives of the women who now call it home.

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Check Out the Impressive Winners of the Leica Women Foto Project Award

Leica Camera USA has proudly announced the three outstanding photographers who will receive the inaugural Leica Women Foto Project Award.

Earlier this year, Leica Camera USA launched the Leica Women Foto Project, a platform promoting the expansion of diversity and inclusion in photography by highlighting the importance and impact of a woman’s perspective. Three winners and their compelling stories have finally been chosen, with Debi Cornwall, Yana Paskova, and Eva Woolridge besting over 600 submissions across the United States. Each of them will receive $10,000 and a Leica Q2 to tell a story through the female viewpoint. If you’re looking for inspiring and thought-provoking projects by female photographers, these winning series are definitely worth checking out.

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Inspiration: 20 of Our Favorite Women Photographers for 2019

Women photographers rock! In this piece we showcase 20 of the very best.

“Just 20” we thought to ourselves when putting this list of women photographers together. “It’s going to be so hard to not go over that number!.” That’s because we know that the amount of female talent in our industry is almost endless. But we also know our readers have to find the time to eat and sleep too! So, with that in mind, we wanted to make a piece that focused on the best of the best – in our humble (and experienced) opinion. With Women’s History Month being

All the photographers in this article have been featured on The Phoblographer before, hence why we’re extremely confident in their creative capabilities. You’re also encouraged to check out each of their individual features too.

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Sony Announces Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Contest Winners

The five participants of Sony’s Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Program have been chosen.

Sony Electronics Inc. recently announced the winners of its Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Program Contest, which is part of its “Be Alpha” campaign flagship initiatives. Out of over 6,000 entrants, the five winners were chosen to receive funding, mentorship, Sony digital imaging products, and other perks.

The Alpha Female initiative is Sony’s answer to the imaging industry’s well-known gender gap challenges, with the goal of providing exclusive opportunities for women photographers to get ahead in their careers. To empower these talented women, Sony will award them with a six-month grant of $25,000 in funds, $5,000 in Sony digital imaging product allowance, a one-on-one mentorship with a high-profile Sony Artisan of Imagery, and many other prizes.

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Creating a Photography Blog Dedicated to Featuring Fantastic Women Photographers

All images by Nicole Struppert. Used with permission.

Photographer Nicole Struppert is not only a photographer, but also the Editor of the Women in Photography blog. She’s been running it for a fair amount of time now, and continues to update it and profile the work of fantastic women photographers. On a more personal basis, Nicole and I have been friends for a while and I’ve been working with her to help build the site. We feature a lot of photographers here, but not a whole lot of bloggers. And in a situation like this, I find what Nicole is doing to be particularly interesting.

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