Cheap Photo: Spend $15 and Save $235 on Over 200 Gorgeous Bokeh Photoshop Overlays

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Add an extra layer of magic to your images with these Photoshop overlays.

If you want an easy way to add some extra flair and magic to your images, these beautiful bokeh overlays for Photoshop might be just what you’ve been looking for. The best part is that this bundle of over 200 Photoshop overlays is on sale for just $15! We have image samples that show exactly what you can achieve with these easy to use overlays after the break. Continue reading…

Tips for Shooting in the Extreme Cold

Extreme Cold GServo-20131219-0588

Winter has finally taken over, and it’s very cold out there. Ice flows with nowhere to go, and there’s not enough coffee to warm you. Some of us would see this as an opportunity to stay inside with a book–not that that’s a bad thing. Others feel the call of photography. The call to go out and freeze their buts off to get those unique shots that only the cold can bring. Cold can be a stimulant, a challenge to your photography. It’s no use though if you’re out there, hands and camera trembling, and your face feels like wood, dry and cracked.

Here are some tips to deal with the extreme cold.

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More Winter Photography Tips For The Adventurous Photographer


Well it is winter again, and it’s been snowing a bit. Sometimes it’s ugly, but at other times magical. When almost everything outside has been touched by snowflakes and you are looking through a lens, it can be a fantastic moment. You are capturing images of your world changed. While there is not snow everywhere, there has been enough of it to make things interesting. Here are some more winter photography tips to get you through.


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