The Bublcam is a 360° Video Camera That Records Everything Going On Around You


Real innovation in the photo and video world is rare these days. We see a lot of minor and major improvements on the same old ideas, but it’s rarely that something really revolutionary new appears. Well, it seems one of these rare moments has arrived. Welcome the bublcam, a clever new 360° video and stills camera that is currently being financed via Kickstarter.

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Transcend Announces New Wi-Fi SD Cards

Photo courtesy of PopPhoto

Transcend has released their newest Wi-Fi capable SDHC memory cards to make image transfers just that much easier. It works via an existing Wi-Fi connection from an Internet hotspot in Internet mode or it can operate though the Direct Share mode which allows for a peer-to-peer connection between your camera and any mobile device. Direct Share is a great choice for instant viewing during your shoot that will take advantage of the larger screen on your mobile device.

With the free Wi-Fi SD App that is available for both iOS and Android, you can access all of your photos from a shoot to browse, download, edit, and then share through your social media of choice. If you’re not into the whole mobile editing idea, there is a similar web browser app that’ll do the same thing. These new SD cards are of the speedy Class 10 rating and come in both 16GB and 32GB varieties at $69 and $99 respectively.