Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp on Creating Tintype Community Portraits

All images by Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp. Used with permission.

While it’s common for photographers to undertake photography projects documenting their communities, only a handful of them get the community itself involved. So when we came across the tintype project of Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp, we just had to put the spotlight on it. The aim of Tintypes: A Community Portrait was to engage with the community by bringing people together through the wet plate collodion process. But that’s not the only interesting detail about the project. Sobsey and Telkamp were inspired by the idea to get people to come out of their houses to check out and participate in their project — much like how everyone would head out at the call of the ice cream truck. And that’s exactly how things went down.

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Here’s How You Prepare Metal Plates for Wet Plate Photography

Aside from preparing the chemicals, Markus Hofstaetter also has to make his own metal plates for his wet plate photography

Part of what catches the attention of would-be wet plate photographers and fans is the hands-on processes that come with the age-old medium. In a recent video, wedding and wet plate photographer Markus Hofstaetter tells us exactly how hands-on it gets by showing us how he makes his own metal plates for wet plate photography.

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Watch a 360 Video of Ultra Large Format Wet Plate Photography in a Historic Studio

Screenshot image from the videos. Used with permission

Wet plate photography, one of the traditional photographic methods, gives a completely different but fascinating experience as you’ve probably learned from our previous features. Portrait and wedding photographer Markus Hofstaetter shares with us another interesting look into his ultra large format wet plate process: from the cameras he uses, traveling with his wet plate gear, and shooting in a historic studio.

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Shooting Wet Plate Collodion Images With a Holga Panoramic


Holga panoramic – drilling a hole for L shaped tripod hole

All images by Juro Kovacik. Used with permission.

Photographer Juro Kovacik was born in 1964 and studied photography at the Academy of Fine Art Bratislava in 1990, but left school after two years. Today, he work as an independent photographer focused on landscape photography. In the last couple of years he has been working exclusively with large format wet plates.

One of his most recent projects involves shooting with a Holga panoramic to create collodion images on plates. When one usually thinks about wet plate collodion projects, they think about large cameras. But this one isn’t so big at all.

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Watch How Ian Ruhter Uses His Truck as a Wet Plate Camera

julius motal the phoblographer ian ruhter wet plate 01

We love alternative photo processes, particularly photographers who really create something entirely their own. Ian Ruhter didn’t want to use the same cameras every other photographer was using, so he converted a delivery truck into a wet plate collodion camera. The results, shown in the video below, are simply magnificent, though the video isn’t just a look at the high points of Ruhter’s images.

Things can and do go wrong, and “Silver & Light,” as this short documentary is called, takes a look at the best and worst parts of Ruhter’s creation. He is able to create some beautiful images, both of people and nature, with his truck, but when things go wrong, it can seem like an impossible task considering that each photograph can cost nearly $500. While we could say more, we urge you to just watch the video.

Check out the video after the break.

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