Watch How Ian Ruhter Uses His Truck as a Wet Plate Camera

julius motal the phoblographer ian ruhter wet plate 01

We love alternative photo processes, particularly photographers who really create something entirely their own. Ian Ruhter didn’t want to use the same cameras every other photographer was using, so he converted a delivery truck into a wet plate collodion camera. The results, shown in the video below, are simply magnificent, though the video isn’t just a look at the high points of Ruhter’s images.

Things can and do go wrong, and “Silver & Light,” as this short documentary is called, takes a look at the best and worst parts of Ruhter’s creation. He is able to create some beautiful images, both of people and nature, with his truck, but when things go wrong, it can seem like an impossible task considering that each photograph can cost nearly $500. While we could say more, we urge you to just watch the video.

Check out the video after the break.

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.