Truefilm May Be Lightroom Mobile’s Toughest Competition Yet

julius motal the phoblographer truefilm ios

The mobile editing space is crowded. You’ve got VSCO Cam, Photoshop Express, Lightroom Mobile, Afterlight and Over among many others. It seems unlikely that a new app could make any waves, but the folks behind Truefilm are aiming for Adobe’s flagship mobile editing software, Lightroom Mobile. The Next Web supports this claim in its review of the latest update.

What sets Truefilm apart from the rest of the pack, aside from its price jump to $2.99, is its Artificial Intelligence capability. Should you decide to turn it on, it will analyze how you edit your photos and make suggestions based on that. The more you edit, the more accurate Truefilm’s AI becomes with its editing and filter suggestions.

What sets it even further apart from Lightroom is that it isn’t tied to a subscription service. You only have to buy into Truefilm once. When you bring it up in the App Store, the pesky “Offers In-App Purchases” is conspicuously absent, which is a great thing, although I’ve definitely dropped a bunch on preset packs in VSCO Cam.

We’ve downloaded the app and will test it out to see how it stacks up against the competition. So far, it looks promising.