First Impressions: Sony RX100 VI (Sony’s Camera for Street Photographers?)

The Sony RX100 VI is promising a lot of big upgrades

Sony’s latest premium point-and-shoot covers a huge focal range in a compact package, and will surely fit the needs of street photographers looking to be as unobtrusive as possible. During the camera’s announcement day, we had some time to walk around and play with the camera. So far, it seems a bit hit or miss.

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The Slower Lens on the Sony RX100 VI May Turn Bokeh Lovers Off

The new Sony RX100 VI has a slower lens despite the longer zoom range

With the new announcement of the Sony RX100 VI, there comes with it a number of great technologies but also a number of tradeoffs. Before I go on, I should state that I’ve spent a few minutes with the new camera and that I will get to play with it more later on. But right off the bat, I’ve got a number of theories.

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