Why We Think Fujifilm Doesn’t Have Animal Face Detection Yet

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Animal Face Detection has been a huge thing in the photo world. Everyone wants it. In the pandemic, we’ve taken to photographing wildlife and our furry friends as much as possible. But frustratingly, Fujifilm cameras don’t have it. A while ago, Fujifilm said it was available, but just not on the GF and X series cameras. It’s a shame; imagine how many Nat Geo-worthy shots you could’ve made! While it’s available on a point-and-shoot camera, I don’t think it’s the same thing.

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This Big Book of Pit Bull Headshots from Hollywood is So Heartwarming

Pet photography is a hard genre to master, but this L.A based commercial photographer has it figured out and is putting his skills to good use.

We’ve all heard the terror stories about Pit Bulls and how they’re a dangerous breed of dog. One photographer though is doing his best to raise awareness about this kind, playful breed through a new campaign on Indiegogo. By creating a big book full of headshots that show off Pit Bulls playful sides, Peter Michelena is hoping to remove the stigma that surrounds these dogs through pet photography. Read on after the break to find out more about how this commercial photographer is trying to change peoples perceptions of Pit Bulls one headshot at a time. Continue reading…

Ian Pettigrew Aims for Smiles With His “Floating Dogs” Project

All images by Ian Pettigrew. Used with permission.

Ian Pettigrew is one of our favorite creative brains to pick when it comes to photography projects. This time, we have him back for something totally different from his usual work. A drastic departure from hard-hitting topics like Cystic Fibrosis explored in projects like the SaltyGirls and SaltyKids, this adorable new project brings smiles to our faces in place of the tugs at our hearts. Interestingly, the idea for this “floating dogs” series just popped in his head — literally and figuratively — in a way that only seems to happen to an art director-turned-photographer. Ian tells us more about this beautiful project through our lighthearted chat after the jump.

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Sophie Gamand’s “Flower Power” to Finally Join Your Photo Book Collection

Sophie Gamand’s portraits of adorable, flower-crowned pit bulls can now grace your coffee table!

Four years and countless features later, Sophie Gamand is on her way to turning her amazingly successful Flower Power series into a lovely photo book. While the project was successfully funded shortly after the Kickstarter campaign started, there’s still time for you to grab your copy and pledge support for her project.

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Liselotte Habets Tells an Unusual Tale of the Bond Between Humans and Pets

All images by Liselotte Habets. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How many of us are guilty of keeping photo diaries, videos, and portraits of our beloved pets? All of us, I guess, at some point in our stints as photographers, will have amassed a big photo collection of our adorable furry or feathered companions. The pet portraits of Amsterdam-based Liselotte Habets, however, go beyond the usual adorable photos that make everyone melt into a collective “awww”.

Instead, she came up with the idea to tell the relationship between people and their pets — or at least, how she imagined the relationship would be like if people made odd choices for pets. To make it even more out of the ordinary, Liselotte chose to tell her story through animals made immortal via taxidermy.

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Canon: Pet Photos More Popular Than Selfies

Today, Canon released a study for National Photography month–and the findings are rather interesting. According to them, 80% of consumers think their photos are either good or excellent. 62% of these folks believe their skills have improved over the past two to five years. Additionally, 64% of the people interviewed still care about prints. 32% of these people like “creating scrapbooks or photo books, and one quarter using their prints to decorate their homes.”

More after the jump.

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Valerie Susloparova and Her Playful Illustration Interactions


All images by Valerie Susloparova. Used with permission.

Playing with forced perspective in photography can be fun–and it’s often even better when you have full control over the creative freedom the same way that 23 year old Russian illustrator Valerie Susloparova has. She’s an illustrator that uses photography to present her work in a fun and lighthearted way. Valerie tells us that she’s inspired by photos of animals–specifically her favorite Instagram pets. “I draw an illustration and then want to present it (in an) interesting and funny (way). Ideas appear in my head with the speed of light.”

After she illustrates the image, she finds a way to interact with it in a fun manner and then takes that photo for her Instagram.

Valerie says that her Labrador was her first model and that she tried to do the same thing with food and portraits, but now she’s just focusing on animals.

Her ultimate goal with the photos? When we asked about a photo book, she said that maybe she’ll do a calendar or prints on shirts.

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Aury Glenz: How to Shoot Better Pet Portraits


All images by Aury Glenz. Used with permission.

Photographer Aury Glenz has always been an animal lover. He is a wedding and engagement photographer, but also does pet portraits on the side. According to him, the secrets to better pet portraits has to do with the body language–and much of it can be in the ears of the animal.

We chatted with Aury about what it takes to shoot better photos of our furry friends.

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This Quirky Dog Portrait Series Takes Bath Time to a Whole New Level


All photographs taken by and used with permission from Sophie Gamand.

For almost four years now, French photographer Sophie Gamand has been photographing man’s best friend, studying and working closely with them in an effort to understand human nature and behaviors better.

Clearly a dog lover like many of us, she’s done everything from sassy dog fashion photos shoots and dog pageant coverage to taking poignant photographs of the stray dogs of Puerto Rico to document their horrible conditions and raise awareness.

It’s the latest series she’s working on, however, that’s got our (imaginary) tails a-wagging.

Rather than take those usual photos of adorable well-groomed fluffy dogs mid-silly face or human-like act that we see everyday on the Web, she took on a completely different approach in this series entitled Wet Dog. The idea was to take photos of the dogs while they were completely drenched and dripping in bath water.

Of the series, Sophie says that while grooming is an important (and necessary) part of a dog’s life, “Dogs hate bath time. The wide range of expressions they are able to display is another example of how close they are to us. Photographing them at such a vulnerable moment allowed me to capture these expressions.

Dogs are cute, no matter what, and her strategy of photographing them in such a condition was always going to work. It’s the incredible, and at times miserable, expressions on their faces, making them look like grumpy old men or kids that just awakened from their naps, that really makes this series amazing and all the more lovable. So much so that it’s already won first place in the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Portraiture category.

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Useful Photography Tip #10: Holiday Pet Photos

Stanta Claus #3

Stanta Claus #3

The holidays are upon us and with that comes many pictures. It seems like people are more likely to take pictures around this time of year. The gatherings, get-togethers, work functions, parties, these are all camera magnets. Along with pictures of family and friends, the family dog (or cat, rabbit, lizard, trained sloth) makes its way in front of the lens, or rather you put them in front of the lens.

Read on to check it out. And for more Useful Photography Tips, click here.

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