Canon: Pet Photos More Popular Than Selfies

Today, Canon released a study for National Photography month–and the findings are rather interesting. According to them, 80% of consumers think their photos are either good or excellent. 62% of these folks believe their skills have improved over the past two to five years. Additionally, 64% of the people interviewed still care about prints. 32% of these people like “creating scrapbooks or photo books, and one quarter using their prints to decorate their homes.”

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Camera Confessions: 2016 Photography Trends

  • Count it out! One in four (24 percent) consumers are taking up to 300 photos per month.
  • Pets, family and events really rate: We’re a nation of animal lovers, with over half (59 percent) taking more photos of their pets, than selfies (57 percent). Almost two-thirds (64 percent) report taking photos of their family and special occasions more than anything else.
  • Memorable Moments Matter: The majority (80 percent) are capturing photos during family gatherings and holidays, like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah. Interestingly, photos at the gym are only taken by 16 percent of consumers.
  • Video is hotter than ever: More consumers are using their cameras for capturing video. Almost one in five (17 percent) are using their cameras to create content to be used online, with ‘velfies’ (video selfies) also gaining popularity – half of consumers (50 percent) are using their cameras to capture video of themselves.

Other statistics:

  • 55% of the people interviewed take food photos.
  • 27% do it to brag to their friends.
  • 43% say that American cuisine inspires them the most followed by Italian, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Folks also love their Ice Cream with pizza and pasta coming in second most photographed.


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