5 Photography YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

Are you looking for some photography YouTube channels? We’ve got some.

More and more photography channels are appearing on YouTube. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that you have more access to information and content. But, it’s bad that you have to trawl through all the poorly made material to find the gems. Thankfully, we’re happy to do the dirty work. We’ve dug up the very best photography YouTube channels for you to enjoy.

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Peter Mckinnon Wants to Teach You How to do Epic Product Photography

If you want to learn how to elevate your product photography, you should watch Peter McKinnon’s latest tutorial.

Product photography makes you channel your inner creative so that you can try to tell the story of a product in a single image, and while it might sound easy, product photography can be quite challenging. You need to take into account the setting, the lighting, and other elements that will make the image pop. If you have been trying to figure out ways to make your product photography images reach a new level, you should check out Peter McKinnon’s latest video. We have it for you after the break.

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Why You Should Look Back at Your Old Photographs (and Cringe)

If you haven’t looked back at your old photographs in a long time, this video will explain why it’s something you should do more often.

Cameras sure have come a long way since the birth of photography, and photographers now have a lot of tools to achieve their creative vision. Even smartphones are now equipped with cameras that are getting more powerful, making it possible for virtually everyone to be a photographer. These things have made it possible for most of us to create decent photos today. But how do we know if we’re improving given that most of the technicalities have already been taken care of for us? Canadian photographer Peter McKinnon tells us about one way to find out in his quick video.

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Using Motion and Transitions to Catch Attention on Instagram

It’s the name of the game these days, and this tip could help catch some eyeballs on your Insta

Instagram is king right now for photographers, and while you may be doing alright utilizing the social network in a fairly straightforward way, are you leaving views and likes and followers on the table? Probably. But this tip today could help you capture some of those things that you aren’t already and the more eyeballs the more chances you have to get hired right?

We’ve featured Peter McKinnon on here before, for good reason. He is always producing quality video content on Youtube and just generally rocking the whole social media game. Well, in this video, which is somewhat of a follow up to another video he did a while back about standing out on Instagram, McKinnon teams up with his buddy Alen to talk about using motion and transitions to help catch more attention on Instagram Stories.

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Don’t Focus on the Money, Focus on YOUR Passion

Dollars and cents, it’s easy to get caught up, but remember that your passion should come first.

Now, this isn’t 100% photography related because it has to do mainly with Youtube’s new monetization scheme. If you were unaware, the new scheme means most low subscriber (sub-1,000) and low watch hour (sub 4,000 hours) accounts will no longer be able to monetize their videos. It has a lot of people in that community, and by extension the photo community (because a lot of you utilize the platform for a variety of reasons) up in arms.

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So, This Is What A 1D X MK II Looks Like On The Inside

It should go without saying, but really people… don’t try this at home! Images featured are screengrabs from the featured video. All credit to Peter McKinnon.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your camera looks like? Most of us have, or at least thought about this at some point during our personal photography journies. But few likely ever take the risk of actually going so far as to take the camera apart to have a look. Leave it up to a Youtube Star to do it so that you don’t have to… Continue reading…