This Stunning Burgundy Pentax K1000 Has a Story Behind It

The Vintage series involves us scouring eBay in search of lusty, rare, and unique photography gear.

I don’t know how a true Pentax fan could resist this gorgeous Pentax K1000 camera. The Pentax K1000 was the standard for educational institutions for many years. Lots of photographers learned on them. And they’re all over eBay pretty cheaply. But it’s rare to find a precious gem like this Burgundy Pentax K1000. And best of all, it’s still at an affordable price. It begs the question as to why Pentax hasn’t made custom, cool colors for the Pentax K-1 Mk II. Years ago, the company used to produce its cameras in so many different colors. It helped make them really cool. Limited editions always get lots of praise and often get bought up quickly. Of course, this isn’t really a limited edition per se. Instead, it was restored and reskinned.

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Popular Pentax Film Cameras Every Pentaxian Collection Should Have

If you consider yourself a true blue Pentaxian, you absolutely need these popular Pentax film cameras gracing your shelves.

With Pentax just having turned 100, we placed the spotlight on some of the company’s classic medium format cameras, rivaled only by a handful of competitors. Among the most popular of these are the Pentax 67 and the Pentax 645, which are also on our favorite 67 format and 645 format cameras. We decided to do a quick follow-up on those features with a rundown of other popular Pentax film cameras that should never go missing in a true blue Pentaxian’s collection. If you’re still building your own, this guide should be useful to you!

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Five Great Film SLR Cameras to Grab for Under $150

35mm Film SLR

Start your film photography journey with these noteworthy film SLR cameras that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve been looking for some great cameras to begin your film photography journey with or add to your vintage camera collection, we can see how it can be overwhelming given all the choices out there. Today, allow us to narrow down the list with a handful of film SLR recommendations. These models are some of the best and most interesting cameras film photographers have been picking up since the so-called analog resurgence. While prices for many cult cameras have gone up, you can still grab these particular models today without breaking the bank.

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Start Your Film Photography Journey with These Budget 35mm Cameras

The budget 35mm cameras are plentiful!

Keen on getting into film photography but want to start with something cheap? If you want something more advanced than point and shoot cameras to have more control over your exposures, film SLR cameras are the way to go. Sure, they will also cost more, but they’ll be a great investment that will let you learn as you shoot. In a recent video, Aidan Moneyhon lists some of the best budget 35mm SLR cameras that will get you shooting in no time.

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Review: Agfa APX 400 B&W Film

Agfa APX 400 is a newer emulsion of an older Agfa film stock; and you can still get your hands on the older emulsion – but it’s quite rare. This review today is specifically utilizing the newer emulsion that is easily attainable through Amazon or other places you can still find film. APX 400’s claim to fame is its incredible highlight retention, making it ideal for shooting in higher contrast situations, allowing you to weight your exposure more towards the shadows without having to worry about totally killing your highlight detail.

I set out with two rolls of APX 400 and my trusty Pentax K1000 to see what this film could do. As far as lenses go, I mostly shot with the SMC-M 50mm F/1.4, but I also used the SMC-A 28mm F/2 and SMC-M 135mm F/3.5 for some shots as well.






How I Caught the Photo Bug: Executive Editor Julius Motal

The bag that started it all

The bag that started it all

It was on a late afternoon sometime in April of 2009 that I decided to poke around my basement. We had already been living in the house for two years by that point, but as is wont to happen with new houses, things got packed into boxes and bags and were shoved into corners and cabinets. Upon moving into the house in 2007, I claimed the basement as my dwelling as it was thoroughly large, and it felt like I had my own apartment. Yet, that also meant I lived among everything that would not be unpacked. And so, on that late afternoon in April, I opened a cabinet underneath my desk, and inside I found a black camera bag.


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