How to Create Really Fun Double Exposure Photos and Videos on Your Phone

Double exposures are so incredibly tough to do for many photographers out there, but with patience you’ll get it. Most photographers try to do it in Photoshop but it ends up just being more annoying and a hassle than it’s worth. Some cameras have it available ready for you to use. But sometimes, it’s best to just sit there and edit on your phone than sit at a computer or try to navigate your camera’s clunky interface.

So here’s how I do it.

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Screw the Rule of Thirds: “Composition” For Street Photographers

All images by Mason Resnik


It may be cliché to say that rules are made to be broken, but it can be argued that the genre of street photography is the photographic discipline where breaking the rules will most likely allow you to see—and capture—more interesting photographs.

Traditional compositional rules come out of pre-photographic art forms. Leading lines, the rule of thirds, centered subjects and so on were developed over centuries by painters, and others using two-dimensional forms in order to organize the content of their images and create a common visual language.

Visual artists—painters, photographers, cinematographers and the like—are taught these rules and mostly conform to them.





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The Trap of the Compositional Pattern

Linear perspective w/o following the rule of thirds

Linear perspective w/o following the rule of thirds

Have you ever gone to shoot, pre-select a focusing point based on the rule of thirds, and never change it? Instead, you end up shooting everything centering (so to speak) around that point. It’s common: and if you’re shooting purely for just yourself and your pure enjoyment then I guess it’s okay since you’re sincerely also not trying or caring about your work being published. But if you’re trying to create a more refined portfolio, it’s a pretty big problem.

More specifically, it’s a bigger problem when an editor looks at your images and doesn’t even need to move their eyes around the scene to tell that you really just stick to one compositional point.

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15 Ways to Get Better Black and White Images

Chris Gampat Black and White Photo (1 of 1)

Digital has provided a surprising resurgence in black and white photography. The ability to create a monochrome image either in camera or later in Photoshop is much more accessible than having to work in a traditional darkroom. But it takes more than removing the color from an image to make a great black and white. Here are some tips that will help you to make exceptional black and white imagery.

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