Zach Ashcraft: Taking Better Senior Portraits

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All images by Zach Ashcraft. Used with permission.

Zach Ashcraft is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. He is also an avid landscape photographer and traveler, having visited 40 states. But when he pitched his work to us, we were most enthralled by not only his wedding photography, but his senior portraits. Senior portraits are one of the more profitable ways to make a living from shooting portraits, but it has less to do with the gear and more about working with parents and the budding adult.

Zach shared a couple of tips with negotiations, locations, and getting the right timing.

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Getting the Perfect Family and Kid Portraits

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All images by Purple House Photography. Used with permission.

Photographer Dan MacDonald lives the dream of many creatives. He is a stay at home Dad who loves his job of creating portraits of children and families. The Canada-based creative tells the Phoblographer that his focus as a photographer is on natural expressions. “I never tell subjects to say cheese. Instead, a typical family/kids session is a high energy, interactive experience where I’m running and playing along with the kids, always on the lookout beaming faces.” states Dan.

But of course, working with children and families comes with its challenges.And we talked to Dan about how he conquers them.

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James Bitz: The Basics of Shooting Senior Portraits

unnamed (8)All images by James Bitz. Used with permission.

One of the biggest fields of portraiture has to do with shooting portraits of high school seniors before they ship off to college. Quite obviously, they’re called senior portraits and are a type of environmental portrait that tells a bit about the subject.

Photographer James Bitz hails from Lincoln, Nebraska and is a master of the senior portrait. He has a unique creative vision that we describe as playful, authentic, down to earth, and overall beautiful. It started when he bought his first DSLR back in 2007–a Nikon D70.

Since then, he’s honed himself into quite the portrait shooter. And he shared a couple of his tips and tricks with us. But for even more, you should check him out on Instagram.

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Weekend Humor: Olympus to Introduce a Camera for Parents


Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Children, by virtue of their existence, drive up camera sales. A good number of parents, however, pick the one that will give them the “best pictures”, and most side for a DSLR because “that’s what the pros use”. Given the demands of child-rearing, parents often don’t have the time to use the camera in a way that would really warrant the purchase. A parent will use a point-and-shoot and a Canon 5D Mark III in a similar fashion. The latter will give you higher resolution, but the former will fit in a purse or a fanny pack depending on your inclination. With this knowledge in mind, Olympus is introducing the OMD-CFP, Camera For Parents. Continue reading…