Weekend Humor: Olympus to Introduce a Camera for Parents


Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Children, by virtue of their existence, drive up camera sales. A good number of parents, however, pick the one that will give them the “best pictures”, and most side for a DSLR because “that’s what the pros use”. Given the demands of child-rearing, parents often don’t have the time to use the camera in a way that would really warrant the purchase. A parent will use a point-and-shoot and a Canon 5D Mark III in a similar fashion. The latter will give you higher resolution, but the former will fit in a purse or a fanny pack depending on your inclination. With this knowledge in mind, Olympus is introducing the OMD-CFP, Camera For Parents.

The OMD-CFP only has two buttons, one to turn the camera on and the other to take a photo. It has a USB port, 16GB of internal storage, and a 16.1MP BSI CMOS sensor. According to a press release, Olympus left out an SD card slot because it’s “one less step that parents have to worry about”. There’s a 3-inch tilting LCD and the “fastest AF system known to man”.

“Children are often way too fast for any parent of reasonable fitness to keep up with,” said Jack Scott, one of the engineers involved in the CFP’s development. The camera combines the EM5’s blazingly fast AF with advanced face detection, so that it can find your child in a crowd. When you take the camera out of the box, it prompts you take a photo of your child(ren), so that it knows where to focus when you’re out and about on vacations and elsewhere.

There’s 20x optical zoom, but that’s controlled by an “activity filter” which analyzes the scene to determine what type of shot is necessary. Essentially, the camera knows whether you’re at a soccer game, a birthday party, a playground, and any other scenario.

Some parenting groups have accused Olympus of implying that parents are not smart enough to understand better cameras. Some EXIF snooping revealed that photos taken by members of those groups were in Auto.

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