The Rule of Tenths is the Photographic Compositional Rule of Thirds on Hard Mode

You’ve obviously heard of the rule of thirds when it comes to composition, but have you heard of the rule of tenths? It’s basically a much more complicated rule of composition. Where the rule of thirds breaks images down into thirds diagonally and horizontally, the rule of tenths goes even further. You go both up and down when breaking your images into ten sections. Essentially, you’re breaking your images into 100 equal parts and composing your images based on those rules. They make a whole lot of sense for things like landscape and architecture, but can become more complicated when working with portraits, street photography etc.

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Christian Stoll’s A New York Split Second Perfectly Exhibits the Chaos of the City

All images by Christian Stoll. Used with a Creative Commons License

There have been lots of attempts to try to capture the chaos that is always happening in NYC; and Christian Stoll’s latest attempt puts it all into details that we can look at and observe with great detail. While many photographers try to do things like long exposures to show the trail of people and vehicles, Christian resorted to multiple exposure photography instead. There are a number of photographers who have done this, but none that have combined aspects of contemporary street photography and fine art in just the right way.

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Concepts and Better Composition Composing of Landscape Photography

Landscape photography, like any other genre, has its many-what I will call-“unofficial rules”.

There are rules about how to expose a scene using methods such as the zone method developed by Ansel Adams, exposing to the right to get as much detail as you can from the shadows, or even bracketing multiple exposures and creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. And then there are rules for composition. The most famous of which-and one you probably learned of first-the Rule of Thirds.

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Tumblr Blog Post Features Overlays of Breaking Bad Scenes in Real Life Albuquerque


If you’re really into the show Breaking Bad (and if you’re not, don’t get into it because you’ll lose your social life), then you’ll appreciate this Tumblr blog post that takes scenes from the hit TV show and overlays them into real life Albuquerque where the show takes place. The images are featured on the 4dirtypaws Tumblr that is an aggregation of lots of images. However, we’re not exactly sure where the images came from and who is behind the project. It seems to be inspired by the Reality overlay images and Dear Photograph setups that have become so popular.

Uproxx originally found the images, and further research shows a Google Map list that shows the scenes where Breaking Bad was filmed.

We’d love to know who originally created the images, but for the meantime, you can check them out after the jump.

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