These Nightscapes by Paul Zizka Look Stunning

“The universe is telling you you’re not here for a very long time,” answers Paul Zizka when I queried why he places himself in many of his night landscape shots. He enjoys doing this to communicate the connection of mankind to the landscape on which we live. Some of his nightscapes look like they were taken on a different planet altogether, a testimony to the diverse Earth we inhabit but have yet to explore in detail.

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Nannimensch Escapes to the Outdoors to Create Poetic Photos

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“I only use my camera, my feeling and the given frame. I don’t think about what I do or how I do it”, says Nannimensch, who doesn’t always refer to herself by the term ‘photographer’. Her images convey the moods and emotions she felt at the moment of the click. Without the aim of developing a signature style, she lets her feelings dictate the flow of the shoot at her various outdoor locations.

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The MindShift PhotoCross 15 Backpack has Side Access and Weatherproofing

The PhotoCross 15 Backpack is the latest addition to all the choices out there for the daring and discerning adventure photographer.

Still on the hunt for the perfect camera backpack for your adventures and outdoor photography? The MindShift PhotoCross 15 backpack, Think Tank Photo’s latest offering, promises to keep your precious gear protected from all the brutal trips you’ll take in search of the perfect shot. Boasting of rugged materials and a faceted design, this backpack is poised to both withstand the harsh elements and provide photographers with a comfortable carry on long days out in the field.

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Long Nguyen Pushed Himself to Take “Epic” Landscape Photos

Here is a landscape photographer with a passion for creating images that make your jaw drop

Photographer Long Nguyen is a financial accountant during the day who turns into a sun seeking photographer at sunrise and sunset – or at least that’s what he says about himself. “Currently I live in Seattle, Washington. That provides me opportunities to explore numerous areas of this ‘evergreen state’ in addition to other beautiful places around the world,” he continues. Long is a previous winner of Outdoor Photographer’s American Landscape photography contest, and is always amazed at what nature gives him. Long says that he’s much more of a creative photographer than a technical one.

Further, he’s all about being versatile. Sometimes his favorite images aren’t pre-planned.

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Mindshift Gear Evolves Line with New Backlight 18L Backpack

Being able to access your gear without taking the bag off you is a key feature of the Backlight 18L

Yes, you are not mistaken: Mindshift Gear did just launch some new bags a few days ago, and we were as surprised as you, but they are back today with another bag announcement. This time in the form of the Backlight 18L, the next step in their extremely popular Backlight backpack series, which features the ability to easily access your gear without having put the bag down thanks to a special waistband. Wildlife, Sports, Landscape; General Outdoor Photographers will want to pay attention here because this is a bag designed with you in mind from the start – and you can tell. Continue reading…

Mindshift Gear’s New Exposure Bags Are Squarely Targeted Towards Outdoor Photographers

Mindshift Gear has announced two bags; the Exposure 13 and Exposure 15

Wildlife Photographers, Landscape Photographers; Outdoor Photographers in general. They all have pretty demanding needs from the bags they choose to carry their gear in. Unlike other niches of photography where spending time indoors can be a large part of the job, for these outdoor photographers being out in the elements and bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s rage is just another day at the office. They need bags able to hold up to the elements and keep their gear safe.

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Useful Photography Tip #181: How to Look for Abstracts in Landscape Photography

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One of the reasons why you use telephoto lenses in landscape photography not only has to do with capturing an entire scene, but also being more artistic about the format in one way or another. What some of the more advanced landscape photographers do beyond looking for layers of sky and land is look for shapes in a scene to focus in on and play with. So how do you do this?

  • Crops: Experiment with various crops of your images and try different sizes. Modern cameras have enough megapixels where you can crop for quite a bit.
  • Looking at things on a micro scale: You know how folks like pixel peeping? Don’t pixel peep but instead look at the image closer and make your psyche vulnerable to shapes, tones, etc.
  • Rendering in black and white: One of the easiest ways to do this is to go black and white. Looking for shapes, tones and everything else becomes simpler. You can find so much in a black and white image.
  • Shapes: Circles, lines, leading lines, squiggles, etc. Look for them and keep them in mind. Sometimes even rotating your photo can help.
  • Contrasting colors: Go for at least two colors; no more than three.
  • Think about paintings: Imagine the scene without any sort of details. In fact, try to strip them away in post with stuff like Gaussian blur. I personally really like to think about and bring up Bob Ross. He created paintings of scenes but nothing was incredibly detailed obviously because they were paintings. From this you can recognize in your mind what he was painting. The same goes for Van Gogh and so many others.

Our friends over at Outdoor Photographer have even more tips on how to do this. Head on over and take a look.

Review: Peak Design Capture Clip Pro

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Capture Clip V2 Pro review images (10 of 11)ISO 2001-500 sec at f - 3.2

Peak Design is a company who has created loads of awesome products for the outdoor photographer–just ask all their Kickstarter backers. The Capture Clip was one of their biggest products and gained loads of popularity–even being carried at major retailers in the camera world. The clip is a belt accessory that lets you place your camera on your hip or around a camera bag strap with ease. The company made improvements to the product by taking advice from their KickStarter backers and came out with a new version.

Though our sample took some breaking in, in the end we’ve got nothing but praise for a company who commits so much to their customers. And if you’re the outdoor photographer type, this is the clip for you.

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