Innovative Design. Lot’s of Potential. Nomatic Everyday Backpack Review

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Peter McKinnon’s inaugural partnership with Nomatic generated a buzz when they launched their backpack Kickstarter in 2019. They are back for another collaboration to ring in the successor, the Nomatic Everyday backpack. The second Kickstarter has recently concluded, and production is underway.

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Editors Explain How to Pitch Your Photography Project to a Publication

For the photographer looking for exposure with their photography project, here are some tips on how to get the attention of editors.

For every photographer, there is a clear designation between paid, commissioned work and work that you need to do for exposure of some sort. If you’re looking to get the word out about a new project or yourself, it’s often a great idea to allow publications to feature you. Ethically speaking, it’s often a bad idea to pitch yourself and then demand payment simply because a story is about you and there is a practice in journalistic integrity to not pay for information. If your images are part of a great piece though, then it makes a whole lot of sense to ask for a licensing fee. With that out of the way, I highly suggest that any time that you have some sort of new project done and ready to use not only the power of social media and email to get the word out, but also publications. Gatekeepers often look at publications to help them find new talent and your work could be right on that list.

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How We Find The Right Image Out of Thousands in Our Photo Library for Stories

The reason for this article has a bit to do with organizing and managing your photo library in addition to a reader request on how to exactly do something like this. Indeed, organizing your photo library has always been a pain and the only way to fix the problem is to have good practices to begin with. If you don’t have these then the long term goals are more or less pointless. I mean, how many images can you have names DMC_94749395? Or CR25853405534? Those don’t help you. Over the years there have been attempts to help organize your library by having programs and algorithms look at images and tell what they are. This is perhaps most popular with people. As most of the readers of this website do so from an iOS device, you’ll notice in your photo library that the system tends to find the faces of people and drops them into different albums accordingly not only based on their faces but also by location, time, etc.

Those systems can help a bit, but you’re still generally better off using and finding your own images.

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StudioBinder Creates Call Sheets for Photographers to Stay Organized

As any very professional photographer will tell you, being organized is what makes life so much simpler when it comes to actually shooting. To help along with the process is StudioBinder, a company that helps photographers and creatives stay organized. They’ve recently released Call Sheets for photographers to stay on top of work as it comes in. Their samples show how photographers and agencies can stay on top of the work that they’re doing and translate ideas from contracts and details from the shoot into one spot.

You’ve got things like areas for the concept for the shoot, separated talent and crew grid, specific call times, department notes, file attachments, and more like mood boards (which lots of photographers use Pinterest for these days.)

But these aren’t all just any call sheets…

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