5 of the Best Highlights From Inside the Photographer’s Mind

In 2021, The Phoblographer resurrected Inside the Photographer’s Mind. We offer the show in the form of a video and audio podcast, and we aim to bring the very best in photography conversations. Another core aim is to have the most diverse group of guests to highlight all voices and perspectives within the photo industry. It’s been a pleasure putting together the first batch of episodes. In this piece, we reflect on some of the highlights.

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OP: Ed Why I’m Against All the Hate for NFT Photography

I see a lot of hate online for NFT photography. Many people in the photography community see it as a fad, a waste of time, and a cult. The NFT market skyrocketed into the mainstream in the past year, and photography is one section that has led to people having great success. It’s not perfect, but it does seem to be a new avenue for photographers to earn money. So, why all the hate?

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How Omar Z Robles Made $200,000 from Street Photography

As wonderful as street photography is, most who practice it seldom make substantial money. Often seen as something you shoot on the side, professional photographers instead fund their life with other genres, like portrait and commercial photography. However, now and then, we see success stories. Stories that validate a photographer’s talent for street photography and earn them a decent chunk of cash. That’s what happened to Omar Z Robles, and on this episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind, he tells us all about it.

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We Asked Photographers Why They Bring Their Cameras Everywhere

We wondered why some photographers bring their cameras with them everywhere, so we asked them.

There’s the old idea that photographers should bring their cameras everywhere with them. But of course, not every photographer does that. For the ones that do, we wondered exactly why. For years, I always thought it was just photojournalists who did this. But it’s a lot more than them. We asked a few photographers to tell us why they bring their cameras with them. In some cases, they feel like it’s part of them being their best selves. But it’s also a part of their identity.

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Omar Z Robles on the Challenges of Photographing Dancers with Film

Omar Z Robles is well known for his dance photography, and he’s taken it a step further recently.

“People nowadays think almost like a tribe about equipment and gear,” says Omar Z Robles about his recent project shot on film. “But in the end they’re just tools to carry your vision.” We’re inclined to agree–in the same way that a painter can create works of art with a variety of brushes, a photographer can do the same. We’ve spoken with Omar about his creative process on Inside the Photographer’s Mind before, and he’s very careful about his overall creation process. While one may think he simply capturing scenes, he’s actively directing–which is what most folks don’t do vs simply capturing. With years of shooting under his belt, this was an interesting mental challenge for Omar; which he obviously succeeded at.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Dance Photographer Omar Z Robles

Dance photographer Omar Z Robles has been shooting for the better part of 15 years now; and he’s earned quite a bit of fame from it.

In our most recent episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind (hosted at Adorama) we interviewed Omar Z Robles about his journey as a dance photographer over the years. Omar first started out as a mime and then went back to school to rediscover himself. He found photography and got into shooting street photography. Over time, it turned into working with dancers on the streets to create a type of image that has become iconic on Instagram over and over again. While Omar feels like he still does some sort of documentary process with his work, he feels like he is a creative director of the most part.

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