Cherisha Kay Norman Explores Her Mental Health in Beautiful Photos

“People don’t like change, especially changing their views,” notes Dallas-based photographer Cherisha Kay Norman about society’s lack of adaptability to changes around them. As someone who has gone through many illness, she feels there needs to be more open and transparent discussion around the topics.Her series Layers of Symptoms tries to bridge this gap visually.

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Ravinder Pal Singh Conveys Hope in His Beautiful Conceptual Portraits

“I wanted to give a message,” states computer engineer turned fashion photographer Ravinder Pal Singh about why he does conceptually dark photoshoots. “…I don’t think it’s just an incurable problem; try to look beyond or above your problem.” Conceptual photography is one of our favorite genres here at The Phoblographer. Two of his recent conceptual shoots caught our eye, and we asked him to convey the ideas behind the photos.

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4 Photographers Who Overcome Adversity and Are Truly Inspiring

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Every photographer has hurdles to clear throughout their journey. For hobbyist and pro alike, difficulties arise. Most struggles relate to a level of skill or a difficult client. However, some photographers have to grind through a host of barriers. From difficulties with mental health to working with a physical disability, some photographers overcome great adversity. The Phoblographer has published some powerful stories over the years, with many of them highlighting photographers’ strengths. Below are some of our more memorable and inspiring stories.

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Chris Hoare Documented How Bristol Stayed Sane in the Pandemic

All images by Chris Hoare. Used with permission

“I hope my pictures in some way seduce people into these spaces”, says Chris Hoare about his latest project. Growing Spaces was conceptualized as an idea before the Covid-19 pandemic but had to be completely done under the UK lockdown restrictions. This unexpected turn of events coincided with an upsurge in public requirements for open gardening allotments, which greatly aided this photo documentary.

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How to Lose Weight and Stay in Shape While Photowalking

Photowalking is a fantastic way to lose weight, so here’s how I did it and how I’ve been keeping the weight off.

One of the best things about being a photographer is photowalking. Folks combine it with street photography and make it into something that’s much more active. But the more passive approach to photo walking and randomly discovering photogenic things is holistically healthy for you. Better yet, it’s a great way to lose weight. I used to be slightly obese at 197lbs. Now I am down to 165 lbs, and part of how I’ve kept it off is photowalking. During the summer days, there’s little better than the short period of time where I can go outside. It’s chilly outside in the early morning, and I can Photowalk with relatively little disturbances. Best of all, you can make this work around your schedule. But like anything else in life, you have to really want it.

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How Street Photography Remains My Glimmer of Hope

During a time of complete darkness, street photography has helped me create my own light.

2018 has been an emotionally charged year for me. In a short space of time, I quit a job that made me miserable, reconnected with my Dad after 10 years apart, walked away from an emotionally abusive partner, and visited 10 countries in between. Alongside that, I have started two new careers, lived in three different cities, and got a whole new camera system!  And as we approach the final quarter of the year, it has all caught up with me. In result of this, I have found myself feeling anxious and mildly depressed. As I try to unwrap and make sense of it all, street photography has been the light carrying me through.
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Ryan Ochoa Explores Identity and Mental Health Through Film Photography

All images and text by Ryan Ochoa. Used with permission.

My name is Ryan Ochoa and I am a photographer based in San Francisco. I work mainly with film, specifically 35mm since I believe it adds a rawness that reflects my hyper-sensitivity to the world — both the pain and the beauty within it. My go to camera is the Canon AE-1, and all photos in this series were shot on this camera. Topics I like to explore in my work include gender and identity, the illusion of the American Dream (a nightmare), as well as the distortion of image through light and color. I am a young queer boy who deals with Borderline Personality Disorder (which causes my hands to shake leading to the blurriness of some of my images) and these aspects of my identity heavily influence how I view the world behind the lens. Continue reading…

Why Photography Is a Fantastic Way to Maintain Mental Health

For many years, people have done photography as a hobby–a way to preserve their mental health so to speak in a way that keeps them sane due to its almost rhythmic movements and thought process involved. In today’s world, there are more photographers than ever who have decided to pick up a camera or their phone due to how many free educational websites (like this one) and more there are online. So for many people photography is a way to find an escape from everyday stresses, the caustic nature of social media, and a way to creatively express oneself in order to purge negativities from our mind and body. Indeed, photography is fantastic for your mental health.

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